Appearance: Dead Robot’s Society, Ep. 77

I’ve joined the crew over at The Dead Robots’ Society as a co-host. DRS is a roundtable podcast — writers talking about writing. Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, and Ryan Stevenson (along with other hosts past and present) share their experiences attempting to become published authors. Some episodes center on aspects of writing and/or the business of writing, while others contain interviews with other authors.

This is the first episode where I appear as a regular host. Ep. 77 is an interview with Nathan Nowell, author of the Share Series. We focus on podcasting your fiction, contrasting our styles and explaining the decision process one should take before podcasting their novel.

Later this week I’ll drop ep. 78 of the DRS podcast in this feed. If you want to listen to more of the DRS podcast and/or subscribe (to get future episodes), please visit The Dead Robots’ Society website!

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