MaAH Special Edition: Parsec Finalist Chris Lester

As promised, I decided to interview the other four finalists in the Best Audio Drama Long Form Category at this year’s Parsec Awards. While I’m ultimately hoping to sabotage all of my competitors by getting them to admit to something horrible… like drinking Miller Lite… or kicking puppies… I’m afraid all I’m really good at is making sure people learn more about these wonderful creators.

Here is the last of my four interviews, this one with the creator, writer and producer of The Metamor City Podcast, Chris Lester. Chris and I chat about Metamor City, our battles as nemesises… nemeses… whatever… about what he is doing next… and focus on his unfortunate arrest in Amsterdam last year. ;-P


Chris Lester

Music: Grande Rue De Pera – Ruben van Rompaey, courtesy of

Promo: The Parsec Awards

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