Tales of the Children: Live Reading, 12/30/09 – 9:30 PM Eastern

Stickam Video Page

Tomorrow I’ll be doing the 7th Live Show on Stickam.

Thanks to everyone that has attended shows so far. The live show has been such a pleasant surprise! We’ll have another wonderful story from a Podiobooks author, “Feverfew” by H.E. Roulo. Heather is the author of Fractured Horizons, and she is also one of the driving forces behind Heather has written a dark, gritty story that I think everyone will love. If you would like a short preview, check out the excerpt on her site.

Come join the fun. We’ll be doing Round 3 of the Damn You Holyfield Drinking Game, so we’ve got that going for us…

Work on the website has gone well so far (slow, but well), and I hope to have new feeds soon.

Last but not least, I have a seekrit project for 2010. Stay tuned…

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