The Murder at Avedon Hill Package at The Boom Effect Auction

On Saturday, Feb. 27 (in two days!) Rich Sigfrit will be hosting an online auction on behalf of Tee’s daughter, affectionately known as “Sonic Boom.” I made a contribution to the auction:

  • a signed copy of Murder at Avedon Hill (when it is released in May)
  • a custom t-shirt with one of the Children of Az on the front, and whatever text you’d like (approved by me, of course :-) ) on the back.
  • a one of a kind DVD with two of the live episodes of Tales of the Children, pop up video and text, audio commentary, and a special video message just for the buyer.

Please visit The Boom Effect for more information on this ‘lot.’ ( )

If you cannot attend the live show, you can make a proxy bid.

And if you are not blown away by this package (I am), then look over the other awesome contributions that will be auctioned off during the show.

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