October Update

A quick update for those of you that like these sorts of things:    :-)

October has been a busy month, as all months are it seems. I am working on a new writing project, which right now means a lot of research, because it takes place in our world and not a world of my creation. More on that on the upcoming Listener Feedback show.

Mur Lafferty released an interview I did with her for I Should Be Writing. Anyone that has followed my podcast knows how much I respect Mur and what she has done over the last five years, and it was an honor to be on her show.

On November 13th we’ll be having some online fun. Some podcasters are going to get together, virtually, for an evening of readings, music, and hopefully some comedy as well. We’re calling it TuacaCon, in honor of the liqueur many of us know and love called Tuaca. Please visit the Facebook event site for more information, and we hope to roll out the TuacaCon website soon. :-)

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