Book Launch Promos

Here are some links to the book launch promos I’ve created for next Saturday. If you can link to them in your blog, play them on your podcast, or send them out to people, I’d certainly appreciate it!

Shorter promo (1 min. 30 sec.) – plot info and amazon rush info –

Longer promo (2 min. 15 sec.) – longer plot info and amazon rush info –

Promo/Skit (3 minutes) – more of a funny skit than a book promo, written by Morgan Elektra. Christiana Ellis appears in the promo with me:

The shorter promo is attached here so it will drop in my feed.

Audio Update – Amazon Rush, May 15th

Yes, we plan on doing an Amazon Rush on May 15th, 2010. That’s next Saturday, and I’ll be doing a live show on

This audio update gives some info on what’s going on for the next week leading up to the book release. Enjoy!

Promo: Seth Harwood’s Young Junius Special Edition

Promo/Skit: The Book Launch Promo – The Mercuralia!

If you are a podcaster, help a brother out; grab a promo and play it on your podcast before the 15th!

The Amazon Rush Event

For those of you that have never taken part in an Amazon Rush, what exactly is it?

Simply put, we are attempting to push Murder at Avedon Hill up the charts by having as many people purchase it as possible, at the same time, on By doing so, we can push the book up the charts and increase its exposure in the short term. This has successfully been accomplished in the past by authors like Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, and Philippa Ballantine.

So how does it work?

In my case, on Saturday, May 15th, at noon Eastern time I would love for everyone that wants to own the print version of Murder at Avedon Hill to head on over to (url for the book coming soon) and purchase the novel. Amazon updates their rankings every hour, and they even have a specific page called the Movers and Shakers list.

What else will be going on? And what’s in it for me?

Well, besides owning a damn good book, I’m going to be live streaming on starting at noon Eastern. I’ll be reading from the novel, chatting with folks online, and there should be some special guests on hand to celebrate the book’s release. I will also be giving away prizes to several lucky owners of the book. More on that in the days to come… including one special prize that I’m very excited about.

I’ve been creating online content in some capacity for going on five years now. I hope that karma really works, and we can knock this thing right out of the park!

Tales of the Children – Ep. #4 – Big Axe, Small Hands – Dan Absalonson

Tales of the Children – A Land of Caern short story podcast anthology presented by P.G. Holyfield

Tonight, as we approach the book launch of Murder at Avedon Hill, we have a Tales of the Children story written and produced by Dan Absalonson. A few weeks ago Dan asked if he could produce the audio for his own podcast, and knowing I wouldn’t be getting to his story for several months, I said “Go for it!” For a first audio podcast episode, Dan did a wonderful job with the production. Big Axe, Little Hands is a fun story about one of the smaller races of Caern, and an incarnation of one of the Children of Az we haven’t seen in audio form thus far.

I hope you enjoy the story, and check back later today for the release of an interview I did with Jack Mangan over at his Deadpan Podcast.

0:00 – Intro Chatter

  • Short intro of Dan Abaslonson’s short story, Big Axe, Small Hands.

2:00 – Big Axe, Small Hands

Join Halvard the Halfling as he journeys to find the way of the warrior, running into trouble along the way, and meeting races he’s only heard tell of in the story told around the community fire in his small village.


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  • Call The Caern Line – 704-315-5884
  • “Tales of the Children” t-shirts at – email me and I’ll create a custom t-shirt for you, with whatever “Child” you like best!
  • MaAH over at – I’m giving away a special prize to someone that posts their own “cast” for Murder at Avedon Hill.
  • We’ve got Avatars!

    If you’d like to support the book release, please consider using these avatars on Twitter, Facebook, and any other you frequent. And if people ask, tell them about the book launch and send them this way!

    Special thanks to Ron Earl for the creation of these avatars! And as always, thanks to Jeff Himmelman for the use of his wonderful art piece called “Sophia.”

    Murder at Avedon Hill - Amazon Rush on May 15th!

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