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MaAH: T-Minus 3 – The Promo/Skit Episode

Here’s the episode I hoped to have ready on February 4th! I call this the Skit/Promo Episode. A couple of skits, some background on me and the novel, and lots of promos of podcasts I love. I hope you enjoy it. 

Show Notes: 


3:00 – Intro continued…

8:05 – Short Bio

13:10 – Novel discussion

20:50 – Contributing to other podcasts… preparing for this gig.

27:00 – Background of Novel

36:00 – The Kilroy 2.0 Stress Disorder Skit -The Players (some of these wonderful people are only heard on the long version of the skit). – Link removed as it messed with my feed.

42:50 – Outro

  • Tee Morris – Will you please stop? Okay Podcasting for Dummies… did I get everything?
  • Promo – No, I guess not… here’s Billi Part 3!

Thank you to J.C. Hutchins and Tee Morris for their appearances on this podcast.

The music in this podcast:

Next time? It’s T-Minus 2, some fiction, including Death, Taxes, and Scott Sigler.

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MaAH: T-Minus 2 – Death, Taxes, and Scott Sigler

T-Minus 2 is a replay of the short story that was first played on Scott Sigler’s The Rookie Podcast.

Special Guest: J.C. Hutchins (for the hundreth time, thanks J.C. for reading Scott’s part in this story).

Yeah, I’m taking the easy way out this week. Next time (T-Minus 1) will be new fiction. Promise.

Apologies for the sound quality. I was going to redo my lines with the new equipment, but after the time I lost with Audition over the last two days, I was left with using the older version of the story.

Show Notes:

Music in this week’s podcast:

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MaAH: T-Minus 1 – Seeker

T-Minus 1 is a short story set in the Land of Caern, detailing events that marked the beginning of the “War for Caern” (some twenty-five years before the events of Murder at Avedon Hill).

I hope the sound quality of this episode is considerably better than previous episodes. I’m trying to decide whether I want to encode at a 96 or 128 bitrate. This file is at 96 kbps. Any feedback on the sound quality of this episode would be greatly appreciated!

Show Notes:

  • Intro
    • Scott Sigler’s .pdf release of Ancestor: you can download it directly from this location.
  • 3:30 – Seeker
  • 28:50 – Closing thoughts
  • 30:40 – Promo – Phil Rossi’s Crescent

Music in this podcast:

Thanks to the following podcasts that have recently played the Murder at Avedon Hill promo:

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MaAH: T-Minus Zero – Interview with J.C. Hutchins

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing J.C. Hutchins, author of 7th Son.

We discussed podcasting, his recording set up, awesome news from the Hutchins command HQ, and I even got to speak to several of the clones.

Apologies in advance about the audio quality. Skype had major sound quality issues during the interview (pops and drops).

Episode 1 of the Murder at Avedon Hill podcast will be released Friday, June 8 — sweet.

Music in this week’s podcast:

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Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 1 – Prologue and Chapter 1

We’re finally HERE! Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience.

For your listening pleasure (I sure hope), here is the premiere of Murder at Avedon Hill:


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