Announcement – MaAH has a publisher!

Ah yes…

00:00 – Announcement

Dragon Moon Press will be publishing Murder at Avedon Hill. No set date at this time, but we’re looking at late ’09.

03:30 – Spread the Word!

Press Releases can be found on the Media Kit Page.  Please send to your local paper or media outlet… any entity that might be interested in the story of an unpublished author using ‘new media’ to land a publishing deal. Send me an email and let me know what you’ve done… we’re going to take this to the next level. Thanks, people!!

Last thing (not mentioned in the audio announcement). If you have a website or blog, please add a quick post about the publishing deal and link to the Press Page at – It will definitely help!

Music – “Sunset Serenade” – From Marc Gunn’s new CD, Heart’s Ease.

Appearance: Dead Robot’s Society Ep. 73

I like what the guys over at the Dead Robot’s Society are doing with their writing podcast… because they keep asking me to come over and play.

Last week I co-hosted/was a guest on DRS and we chatted about something I know a little about… self-publishing. I also talked a little about signing with Dragon Moon Press, so if you are interested, the episode can be found here.

Christiana Ellis’s Nina Kimberly the Merciless: Buy it Friday!

Friday marks the release of Christiana Ellis’s debut novel, Nina Kimberly the Merciless. Christiana is a wonderful person and an awesome talent. And for those that don’t know her own work (which you should), you should recognize Christiana from MaAH as the voice of Marrissa, the town herbalist.

Nina Kimberly is being published by Dragon Moon Press, so I’m even more invested in this novel’s success! If you follow me on Twitter, follow along on Friday for an opportunity to have one of the last remaining copies of MaAH (the self-pub version) signed and mailed out to you that same day! (oh, and did I say it would be free?)

Get on board, and defeat those sparkly vampires!!

Tales of the Children Announcement

I’ve got a ten minute audio update for you this evening, focusing on what’s been going on for the last six weeks.

But more importantly, we talk about the next fiction podcast project I’ll be working on, called Tales of the Children.

It’s going to be a lot of fun… with a lot of great friends coming along for the ride!

  • Call the Caern Line! – 704-315-5884
  • If you haven’t reviewed MaAH on iTunes, please do!
  • Balticon Rocks!
  • I’m still on the Dead Robots’ Society podcast (not every week, but often!)
  • Flinchy is coming… really it is!
  • I’ll be podcasting some interviews/discussions with my editor Gabrielle Harbowy
  • the promo for Tales of the Children
  • closing thoughts
  • Bloopers from the past :-)

MaAH Special Edition: Behind the Scenes – Gabrielle Harbowy, Pt. 1

Today we have our next “Behind the Scenes” episode leading up to the print release of Murder at Avedon Hill. This is Pt.1 of my interview with Gabrielle Harbowy, my editor with Dragon Moon Press. Gabrielle was also the author of the first Tales of the Children story, “Swimming Lessons.”

Excuse the low sound quality of this episode. We recorded in a room at the Atlanta Hilton during Dragon*Con and there was a lot of noise that didn’t clean up very well. But it is listenable, and the interview itself turned out great.

Part 2 of the interview will be released on Monday.


Promo – This new podcast called 7th Son: Descent. I hear it’s okay.

Music: Grande Rue De Pera – Ruben van Rompaey, courtesy of

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