Tales of the Children Announcement

I’ve got a ten minute audio update for you this evening, focusing on what’s been going on for the last six weeks.

But more importantly, we talk about the next fiction podcast project I’ll be working on, called Tales of the Children.

It’s going to be a lot of fun… with a lot of great friends coming along for the ride!

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  • Balticon Rocks!
  • I’m still on the Dead Robots’ Society podcast (not every week, but often!)
  • Flinchy is coming… really it is!
  • I’ll be podcasting some interviews/discussions with my editor Gabrielle Harbowy
  • the promo for Tales of the Children
  • closing thoughts
  • Bloopers from the past :-)

Appearance: BlogTalk Radio –

maah_totc_cover_v1Thursday night at 9 pm I’ll be on the interview podcast on BlogTalk Radio.

It’s a live interview, with a chat area for people to ask questions, and a call in number if you want to be on the show.

Come on out and hear me chat about Tales of the Children, about the Parsec Award nomination, about the upcoming book release, etc.

Rhonda Carpenter does a great job interviewing her guests. It should be a lot of fun!

MaAH Special Edition: Parsec Finalist Christof Laputka

As promised, I decided to interview the other four finalists in the Best Audio Drama Long Form Category at this year’s Parsec Awards. While I’m ultimately hoping to sabotage all of my competitors by getting them to admit to something horrible… like drinking Miller Lite… or kicking puppies… I’m afraid all I’m really good at is making sure people learn more about these wonderful creators.

Here is the first of my four interviews, this one with Christof Laputka, creator and writer of The Leviathan Chronicles.


Christof is a world traveler, a former finance expert, a Highlander fan, a production whore… and his commitment to his audio drama, in terms of both time and money, is awe-inspiring.

One of the many things I’m looking foward to at Dragon*Con this year is meeting Christof and drinking a beer (or three).


Music: Grande Rue De Pera – Ruben van Rompaey, courtesy of

Promo: The Leviathan Chronicles

Promo: Tales of the Children

Video from Wednesday’s Live Show

We had a lot of fun Wednesday night. So much fun, in fact, that we couldn’t fit it all onto one video. :)

The first video has some news, a quick Dragon*Con report, and a song from Kim Fortuner and Patrick McLean, recorded at D*C, with Tim Dodge on guitar.

This second video is the reading of “Swimming Lessons,” by Gabrielle Harbowy, followed by a Q&A led by Chooch.

If you attended, continue being part of the live show by calling the Caern Line. (704) 315-5884. I’ll be playing questions and comments on the next live show.

Tales of the Children Ep. 1 – Swimming Lessons – Gabrielle Harbowy

Tales of the Children – A Land of Caern short story podcast anthology presented by P.G. Holyfield

Here we are once again. While I did meet my 9/09/09 start date for Tales of the Children (a live reading of this same story on Stickam), it did take me until now to finish the audio production of that same episode. At least you know what you get with me. Late, but hopefully worth it.

0:00 – Intro Chatter

  • Our first story is “Swimming Lessons” by Gabrielle Harbowy
  • Every other Wednesday we’ll be doing a Live Video Reading of a new Tales story over at
  • Welcome to the first episode of Tales of the Children!

Tales of the Children

5:30 – Swimming Lessons – Gabrielle Harbowy

Joren, a craftsman jailed for the suspected use of non-clerical magic, learns what The River of Magic is all about.

24:50 – Outro Chatter

A few updates, and then an addendum because I finished editing two weeks after recording the original outro.

Music in this episode:

Special thanks to Scott Roche for his audio editing help with this episode!

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