Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 24 – Chapter 23

Episode 24 – Chapter 23 – Back at the Inn

00:00 – Intro

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03:30 – Chapter Twenty-Three: Back at the Inn

Arames and Arrin return to the inn, hoping to get some sleep. Events never seem to work out as planned for our heroes, do they?


Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 25 – Chapter 24

Episode 25 – Chapter 24 – One Man’s Quest

00:00 – Intro

05:10 – Chapter Twenty-Four: One Man’s Quest

Arames has a discussion with Father Jorrus, and continues a discussion of magic with Arrin.

21:15 – Promo

  • Matthew Wayne Selznick teaser promo for live BMR event on July 13th.

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Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 30 – Chapter 30

Episode 30 – Chapter 30 – Flight

00:00 – Intro

3:45 – The Story So Far

The Story So Far for this episode: read by Seth Harwood.

Arames Kragen has been hired to discover who murdered Gretta Platt. During this investigation he discovers that a certain townsperson is a vampire. Arames confronts this vampire, only to have her escape.

06:10 – Chapter Thirty: Flight

Father Jorrus follows the vampire’s trail. Lord Avedon wants answers.

23:12 – Promos

26:50 – Caern Line

A call this week, from Adam Teece. If you would like to leave a voice mail, please call the Caern Line at 704-315-5884

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Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 40 – Chapter 40

0:00 – Intro

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Tales of the Children Ep. 1 – Swimming Lessons – Gabrielle Harbowy

Tales of the Children – A Land of Caern short story podcast anthology presented by P.G. Holyfield

Here we are once again. While I did meet my 9/09/09 start date for Tales of the Children (a live reading of this same story on Stickam), it did take me until now to finish the audio production of that same episode. At least you know what you get with me. Late, but hopefully worth it.

0:00 – Intro Chatter

  • Our first story is “Swimming Lessons” by Gabrielle Harbowy
  • Every other Wednesday we’ll be doing a Live Video Reading of a new Tales story over at
  • Welcome to the first episode of Tales of the Children!

Tales of the Children

5:30 – Swimming Lessons – Gabrielle Harbowy

Joren, a craftsman jailed for the suspected use of non-clerical magic, learns what The River of Magic is all about.

24:50 – Outro Chatter

A few updates, and then an addendum because I finished editing two weeks after recording the original outro.

Music in this episode:

Special thanks to Scott Roche for his audio editing help with this episode!