The Voices

In Order of Appearance: P.G. Holyfield (Narrator, Arames Kragen, Arrin Perti, Cletus, Cousin Red, Ollus Wenk)

PatrickThis is the taskmaster running this thing into the ground. The one that owes so many favors to the people on this page (the most favors go to his wife, though).

Look at these kids. I get to stay at home with these two. How lucky am I?

Leann Mabry (Gretta Platt, Sarah Tremaine)

Leann Mabry The world is not ready for Leann Mabry. Best-known for her Parsec-Award winning Tag in the Seam podcast, Leann’s feisty charm, intelligence, honesty, humor, sophistication and wisdom have propelled her to the forefront of the New Media scene. The show began as a podcast for women, but quickly developed a rabid following among both sexes. Leann has continued to push the envelope, retaining female-focused sensibilities while adding artistic and deeply personal touches, turning T.i.t.S. (she swears the acronym is an accident . . .) into one of the most exciting, volatile, progressive podcasts in production.

At the same time, Leann has become one of the most highly-sought professional voice talents in New Media. In addition to popular readings for Escape Pod and Pseudopod, she’s also performed lead voice acting roles in Tee Morris’s podcast novels Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, the forthcoming Morevi: Remastered, P.G. Holyfield’s Murder At Avedon Hill, C.W. Lester’s Metamor City, and episodes of the Variant Frequencies podcast, just to name a few.

In addition to her media work, Leann is President and founder of the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund, established to promote cancer research and awareness. In 2007, the Parsec Committee awarded Leann first-ever Joe Murphy Memorial Award, in honor of her hard work and dedication to the Podcast Community.

James Ziesel (Talik Bore)

James ZieselAn ordinary Joe Six-pack who, thanks to his friend P.G. Holyfield, just recently got introduced to this whole Podcasting-thingy. James met P.G. Holyfield a few years back while striking up a conversation regarding “old school” D&D on a bus ride from Winston-Salem to Charlotte. Despite talking his ear off incessantly, P.G. Holyfield decided he liked James anyway and the two (plus other fellow gamers) spent many a night gaming – both online and in-person RPG – into the wee hours of the morning. Good times.

James had expressed an interest in doing voice-overs as a possible sideline career, and P.G. Holyfield was kind enough to allow the neophyte a chance to hone his chops as Talik Bore, Innkeeper at Avedon Hill. When James isn’t schmoozing his friends for new and interesting opportunities, he has been known to indulge on his computer habit, rock the night away with his guitar collection, work on his old sports cars, develop a green thumb while landscaping the yard, and most importantly make time to do charity work via local organizations in the Charlotte, NC area.

Rae Lamond (Leilah)

Rae LamondRae is a fledgling misfit who accidentally stumbled into the internet one day and has yet to find the nearest exit. She did however find the House of the Harping Monkey and stayed for a couple of pints of Misfit Brew. With very little encouragement from proprieter Mick Bradley she embraced the medium of podcasting as a new and exciting way to show off. When not showing off digitally she shows off on stage. She likes podcasts because she can’t see the audience… but misses the applause. Yes, Rae has an accent. It is perfectly normal… you are the ones who sound funny. :)

Tee Morris (Father Jorrus)

Tee MorrisTee Morris began his writing career with his 2002 historical epic fantasy, MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe & Askana. Tee then appeared in Dragon Moon Press’ 2003 release, The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy. 2004 saw the releases of Billibub Baddings and The Case of The Singing Sword and The Fantasy Writer’s Companion. Tee entered 2005 with an idea, and that idea — podcasting MOREVI — went on to become the first book podcast in its entirety. That experience led to the founding of and collaborating with Evo Terra on Podcasting for Dummies.

Along with that title and Legacy of MOREVI: Book One of the Arathellean Wars, Tee’s article “Dear John appeared in BenBella Books’s Farscape Forever: Sex, Drugs, and Killer Muppets. In 2006, Tee appears in the podcast anthology VOICES: New Media Fiction (edited by Mur Lafferty), and in BenBella Books  So Say We All: Collected Thoughts and Opinions of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Tee continues to explore podcasting with The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, a podcast about the marketing and self-promotional concepts for published and soon-to-be-published authors. He also hosts the companion podcast for Podcasting for Dummies and Wingin’ It’s “MicroBrewed” with Phil Rossi.

Jon Stallard (Head Constable Louis)

The VicarJon is a Richmond, VA native and a VCU alum, with undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science, and a Master’s degree in Education. He isVice-President of Real Media Inc., the parent company of a radio station group in Eastern Virginia. He is also Vice-President and co-founder of tee-shirt manufacturer Geeklabel. In addition to co-hosting a terrestrial radio morning show, Jon (as “The Vicar”) co-hosts the Geeklabel Radio program.

Jon has three daughters, two cats and a beautiful wife with infinite patience. In his spare time he is a sometime writer, painter, historian, anglophile, and student of all things ’80s.

Jack Hosley (Holt Livasdawn)

Jack Hosley’s WNDR RadioJack Hosley’s Wander Radio is a unique combination of old-time radio meets modern variety show, with music, audio dramas, humor and parodies melded together to be the best show “almost on your radio dial.”

Jeff Grenier (Caasz)

No bio provided… but Jeff is the host of the wonderful podcast The Tome Show, a D&D news and reviews podcast.

Matt Lynch (Hemming)

Matt LynchMatt is one of the sainted Dr. HST’s “good crazies”, who managed, through some ungodly stroke of blessed fortune, to win the heart of Denise. She, along with his astounding little fellas, comprise his world.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys his boundless hockey addiction, reading, writing absurdities, the wholesale slaughter of two-dimensional enemies alongside our fearless author, travel, and hanging with his aforementioned world.

Denise Lynch (Dally Hemming)

Denise LynchDenise is a domestic goddess (but you can call her goddess for short ;-) ). When she’s not kissing boo-boos, driving her ‘taxi,’ or spearheading the PTA’s fundraising efforts, she’s… well, she’s sleeping! In a previous life, she got paid a decent amount of money to help people, and now her compensation comes in the form of big smooches and squeezes from her little fellas (a well-deserved raise, if you ask her).

If Denise had spare time, she’d enjoy reading (and re-reading) the many adventures of Harry Potter, listening to music on her brand new, very first MP3 player (once she finally figures out how to download the music–where did the vinyl go?), and helping out friends (especially the close ones who happen to have podcasts ;-).

Christiana Ellis (Marrissa)

Christiana EllisChristiana Ellis is an award-nominated writer and podcaster. In 2006, she released her humorous fantasy novel, “Nina Kimberly the Merciless” as a podcast audiobook, reaching an audience of thousands. Her podiobook was also a finalist for both a Parsec Award (Best Speculative Fiction, Long Form) and a Podcast Peer Award (Best Podiobook). As a direct result of podcasting her work, negotiations are now underway for a print edition of the novel. Christiana is also the creator and host of numerous other podcasts, including “Pickle Tales”, a competition for audio storytelling, and soon, a humorous science-fiction audiodrama, “Space Casey“.

Matthew Wayne Selznick (Gareth Beckwin)

Matt SelznickMatthew Wayne Selznick is an author, podcaster, and advocate for the do-it-yourself ethic. A podcaster since 2004, Matt went from launching one of the first music podcasts to exclusively feature independent music to having one of the first podcast novels. “Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era” was the first fiction book with an initial simultaneous release in print, DRM-free e-book, and free podcast editions.

The follow-up, “Pilgrimage,” is due in 2010. He is also the host of Writers Talking, a live roundtable podcast featuring independent and small press fiction authors talking shop and answering audience questions. Matt enjoys doing dramatic readings and voice-over work for podcasts such as Escape Pod, Pseudopod, the Time Traveler Show, and Variant Frequencies.

Caroline Murphy-Himmelman (Lane Niccols)

CarolineCaroline grew up in suburban Connecticut, far away from all things fantasy, sci-fi, and geek. Still, she perservered and found ways to be a dork! A die-hard Star Wars fan since age 4, Caroline first started roleplaying online (as a Jedi) when internet chat rooms were at their peak. Soon she was introduced to new aspects of sci-fi and fantasy, and participated in her first roleplaying game at a live action event at age 18, where she met her now husband and fellow podcaster Jeff. It didn’t take long for the couple to start running tabletop games, and soon they branched off into running LARPs, which is the major topic of the podcast they produce, along with their best friend Sasha, called Gamer: the Podcasting. Outside of geekdom, Caroline is a music teacher for children at a private music studio in Manhattan, where she professionally sings and plays 15 different instruments! She majored in Environmental Science at Columbia University, and in her spare time pursues her varied interests, which range from acting to spoiling her and Jeff’s two cats, Nyarlathotep and Azathoth.

Billy Flynn (Blake Weathertop)

Billy FlynnBill Vernon, AKA “Super Geek Billy Flynn,” brings the funny every moment of every day, and he is proud to bring you a new addition to the geeky world of podcasting: Geek Radio Daily! His daytime alter ego is mild-mannered (well, that part is a stretch) on-air talent at WRAR Radio Station in Virginia. He actually gets paid to sit on his butt and run his mouth! Take that, world! His “edumacation” is from UNC-Wilmington and the Columbia School of Broadcasting. When he is not gracing the podcasting airways with his comedic stylings, you can find Billy Flynn on Xbox Live shooting Covenant bad guys, watching a truly bad movie (where you at, Plan 9?), or road trippin’ to visit friends and family along the eastern seaboard. Why is he so damn cool? That’s just how he rolls. Get your geek on!

Chris Miller (Lord Avedon)

staff_chris.jpgChristopher T. Miller stumbled into the web in 1987 has not looked back since. He discovered podcasting in late 2004 and before he knew it he was working with Evo Terra and Tee Morris on, which has since become one of the most popular sites on the web for serialized audiobooks. When not writing code, he is also the Co-Host of The Round Table podcast, Co-Host of the Shadowdance podcast, and a Co-host on the Volcanicast. Beyond his own podcasts, he has read for Escape Pod and enjoys lending his meager vocal talents to promos and episodes of podcasted fiction. In the past, he has also been a writer/publisher of role-playing games, a BBS sysop, a barista, a maker of golf clubs, a medievalist, an editor, and a Doctor Who fan. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his this very tolerant wife, two daughters, one son, one frog, one cat, one rabbit, and one internet connection. During the day he has the honor of working with a truly amazing team at, and he has a blog at

John Cmar (Roland) and Laura Burns (Julienne Avedon)

John Cmar

Laura Burns

Cmar and scifilaura are two of the most wonderful people I know. ‘Nuff said (plus they never sent me bios).

K.J. Johnson (Constable Ulrich)

K.J. JohnsonKris “KJ” Johnson is a husband, father and geek dilettante. He enjoys games of all types, including RPGs, CCGs, BGs and VGs, reading sci-fi and fantasy, and writing movie, game and book reviews, incomplete short stories and the occasional unfinished novel. In the podcasting world, Kris co-hosts on The Round Table from The House of the Harping Monkey and Volcanicast from Planet Retcon Radio. Kris lives in northeast Ohio with his wife, son and two cats. His home on the web is at

Philippa Ballantine (Gloria Platt)

Pip BallantinePhilippa Ballantine award nominated writer and podcaster continues her master plan to inflict her New Zealand accent on the world where it will probably be mistaken for British. (But please not Australian.) When not podcasting she spends most of her time writing. So far she has had two books published; Weaver’s Web (which she’s turned into a podiobook) and the award-nominated Chasing the Bard (the sequel of which will be out in the near future). Her show Whispers at the Edge is where she talks about living at the bottom of the world and passes on what she’s found out about writing. Currently she is working on a series of fantasy novels set in New Zealand as well as a dark and turbulent fantasy trilogy. More can be found out about Pip at The Pen and Sword online.

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit (Kell, Herrjarr)

Podcasting\'s Rich SigfritPodcasting’s Rich Sigfrit never sent me a bio, so this may or may not be true:

Rich Sigfrit is a man of many voices. He uses his unique talents as a phone-sex operator. He also likes to podcast… and announce wrestling matches… and judge costume competitions at conventions… and dress up as a furry.

More about PRS can be found at Requiem of the Outcast.

More about PRS’s life as a furry can be found at

Glenn Webber (Jon Avedon)

Glenn WebberDiscovering podcasting over a year ago, Glenn was immediately attracted by the concept and positive community. Coincidentally, his passion for writing had recently been restored and with so many podcasts produced by writers, he was inspired to resume the craft. Current projects range in size and span multiple genres including a psychological/techno-thriller that will comprise Glenn’s attempt at 2007’s National Novel Writing Month. He also has a blog featuring writing, technology, media, as well as random topics.

Glenn presently subscribes to about 50 podcasts devoted to writing, science fiction, media, technology, stream-of-consciousness, and a plethora of podcast novels. Until his own podcast is produced, which may showcase his writing, he is eager to interact with the people and shows that stimulated his interest in the technology. Glenn lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada with his wife and their five cats. He works as a roofing contractor and hobbies include reading, poker, audio & video editing, camping, and finally mastering web design.

Sam Chupp (Alex Dewirin)

Sam ChuppWinner of an Origins Award in 2002 in the “Best Roleplaying Game accessory” category for his work on the book “Gamemastering Secrets 2nd Edition,” Sam got his start designing games with White Wolf Game Studio and was a principal designer on Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion. He launched his first podcast, The Bear’s Grove in September of 2005, well before the explosion of new media. In addition to this podcast and others he is producing a fantasy audiobook serial novel called Heart of the Hunter His first novel, Sins of the Fathers, was published by HarperPrism in September of 1995 and was recognized as one of Sergey Brin’s favorite books. He wrote the “Bone Gnawers Tribebook,” “The Book of Nod” (with Andrew Greenberg) and 40 other role-playing gamebook published by White Wolf, Holistic Design, and Steve Jackson Games. Sam lives in Atlanta with his life partner Cynthia and step-daughter Katie. In addition to his writing work, he is a kids’ RPG advocate, giving speeches on the topic to the Atlanta Freethought Society and The Atlanta Science Fiction Association.

Natalie Metzger (Brianna Ray)

Natalie MetzgerMaking her living as a mild mannered network systems administrator, Natalie Metzger fills her free time creating art, photography, writing, SCUBA diving, and whatever else happens to tickle her fancy. For the past year, podcast consumption has been capturing a large percentage of her attention. After making the acquaintance of Mr. Holyfield on the House of the Harping Monkey forums, Natalie eagerly awaited the highly anticipated release of Murder on Avedon Hill. Always looking for new skills to learn, she jumped at the opportunity to delve into podcasting by adding her voice to the serialized audio version of the novel. Currently, Natalie is working on her first novel, creating art or an audio novel, and always working to improve the quality/variety of her skills. She also boldly tries to document her projects on her blog, The Fuzzy Slug on a semi-regular basis.

Jett (Ally Moor)

MissJettJett is a geek girl, an office drone, Beta Clone #053, and a wannabe podcaster. She hosts Jett Show at and finds participating in podcasting and voice-over pieces to be a good outlet for her desire to be an actress without the stage fright.

We’ll have to figure out more to put here as the episodes go on :-) .

Chris Dickey (Ley Nallon)

Chris DickeyChris Dickey is a native of Toronto, Ontario Canada. He is a graphic designer and podcaster, contributing regularely to many podcasts as well as producing his own podcast, entitled The Stealth Geek. Chris is also a musician, preferring classic rock, metal and progressive rock. He currently plays drums in punk rock outfit Hollywood Swank.

Indiana Jim (Richard Avedon)

Indiana JimJim Perry in high school was voted most likely to host a talk show. While he’s waiting for that to happen, he hosts a podcast, Things Are Looking Up. He also fancies himself a writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction, longing for the day when he has the guts to send something out into the big bad marketplace. For three years, Jim was a music major. In his sophomore year at Central Arizona College in 1997, he was awarded Most Outstanding Creative Arts Student. In Jazz Band, he played bass primarily, but also trumpet and drums at various times. He also turned an instrumental version of “If I Never Knew You,” a song from Walt Disney’s Pocahontas, into a vocal, and sang the male part in a performance at the Disneyland Hotel. He sang, danced, and acted in Jazz and Community Choir. He played two roles in the spring play while manning the pin rail in between, and also built sets and hung lights in stagecraft. Most fun for him, however, was arranging and conducting The Indiana Jones March for the Concert Band, in which he also played trumpet, bass, and percussion at various times.

Chris Moody (Shane Olivet)

Liza Holyfield (Carin Avedon)

Liza HolyfieldThe one who makes this podcast possible… and the smartest person P.G. Holyfield knows. Liza Holyfield saves the world at least once a week (at least that is how I understand it… they seem to love her at her job). The cradle is still shaking from where P.G. robbed it. Half of Virginia is still wondering how P.G. did it… magic is the most likely cause.

Dani Cutler (Jilly Hemming)

Dani CutlerDani Cutler re-discovered her love for all things audio through beginning a fan blog for The Sonic Society in 2005. It has since morphed into The Audio Addicts, encompassing the entire audio landscape, with a leaning towards audio cinema. She stepped further into the audio realm in March 2006 with the start of her own political podcast, Truth Seekers. She contributes to the Pickle News team and SFF Audio. You will occasionally hear her doing a podiobook review through Podiobooker, and she is the overnight announcer with kwss 106.7 out of Phoenix, AZ. She also does voice acting for Dream Realm Enterprises, as well as editing of their radio plays. In her spare time, Dani is a mother of two (four, if you count husband and dog), plays the viola occasionally, and chats online WAY too much.

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff (Rondellus Marx)

MYN_FlashMark Yoshimoto Nemcoff is a graduate from Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music who went on to work in the studio with Major Label Grammy and Platinum recording acts before hanging his own shingle as a composer for TV, Film and Video Games. Shortly thereafter he was contributing music for the 1994 Winter Olympics on CBS and writing themes for several national cable network shows. In L.A. Mark would go onto running a pair of record labels for composer/recording artist Ben Vaughn while working on hit TV shows like “3rd Rock from the Sun” and “That 70s Show”.

At this point, Mark began creative writing again, something he hadn’t taken seriously since his teens. A few well-honed spec scripts later and Mark was invited to be a member of the elite Warner Bros. Drama Writer’s Workshop in Burbank. What would follow would be a number of writing assignments for film and television and suddenly a career as a screenwriter was born. In 2005, his first novel, “The Art of Surfacing” was published and while brainstorming of new ways to promote the book, Mark happened upon an article about podcasting. That week, using $100 worth of equipment, he launched “Pacific Coast Hellway”, an irreverent look at pop culture which would quickly gain a worldwide audience. PCH also captured the attention of the father of podcasting, Adam Curry, who plucked Mark from obscurity and put PCH on Sirius Satellite Radio.

In early 2006, Mark was hired by Podshow as their Director of Content Development. It marked the beginning of an eventful year as Mark and PCH were featured in the August issue of Playboy Magazine and he would launch his hit audio drama series “Shadow Falls” and the Parsec Award winning original podcast audio novel “Number One with a Bullet”. Currently, Mark is podcasting his latest novel “Diary of a Madman” and is the Editor-in-Chief of Podshow’s book publication division, Podshow Press.

Jay Lynn (Constable Tanner)

Jay Lynn

It’s no wonder they call him the Kingfish. Jay has more ideas, designs, and business plans floating around in his head than ants at a picnic. A serial learner and entrepreneur, Jay has studied sculpture, business, theater, psychology, electronics, and theology. He has worked as a teacher, a missionary, a graphic designer, an illustrator, an innkeeper, President of a small business, and an ordained minister. Currently, he works as the IT Project Manager for a university.  Always striving to remain creative, he cut his teeth in podcasting on the late great Geeklabel Radio, and now publishes his own podcast and audio comic book at

J.C. Hutchins (Doppin “Rah-Garl”)

J.C. HutchinsJ.C. Hutchins is an award-winning novelist best known for his 7th Son techno-thriller trilogy, which he released as free serialized audiobooks from 2006-07. Nearly 50,000 people worldwide have enjoyed J.C.’s work, making 7th Son the most popular podcast novel series in history.

The trilogy and its 2008 groundbreaking spinoff anthology OBSIDIAN are available for free download at The series’ first novel, Descent, will be published in 2009 by St. Martin’s Press. Personal Effects: Dark Art, J.C.’s debut in a new supernatural thriller series, will also be published next year. Learn more here.

A former journalist, J.C. wrote for The Palm Beach Post, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Lexington Herald-Leader (Ky.), and Wizard: The Comics Magazine.

J.C. lives in South Florida with his girlfriend, and their cat, Chester.

Brian Brown

Brian is insane. Seriously. He’s co-host on Slice of SciFi, Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas and occasionally on Dragonpage Cover to Cover. Somehow he also landed a juicy role on Buffy Between the Lines voicing Rupert Giles.

Brian’s vocal talents can be heard on Strangely Literal, Tales from the Verse, Weeper, Joss’d, Geek By Night, Let’s Talk Joss, and lately Quirky Nomads.

Brian hopes that some day he will be as famous as Don LaFontaine.

Scott Sigler (Doppin)

Scott’s first hardcover, INFECTED, was released on April 1, 2008 as a major release from Crown Books. Learn more at Scott SiglerScott Sigler wrote his first monster story in the third grade and hasn’t stopped since. A creator of novels, short stories and screenplays, Scott’s work revolves around modern science’s dichotomy of simultaneously producing good and evil.

Scott reinvented book publishing when he released EarthCore as the world’s first “podcast-only” novel. Released in twenty weekly episodes, EarthCore harkened back to the days of serialized radio fiction and picked up 10,000 subscribers along the way. His next podcast novel, Ancestor, drew 30,000 listeners and saw 700,000 episodes downloaded by fans. The Ancestor buzz caused Sirius Satellite to pick up the novel, making it the first audiobook serialized on the satellite network.

Combined with Scott’s other two podcast novels, Infection and The Rookie, Scott’s fans have downloaded over 3 million files of his fiction. Scott’s innovative use of technology puts him at the forefront of modern-day publishing, and has garnered brand-name exposure among hundreds of thousands of fiction fans and technology buffs. He’s been covered in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Week, CNet, The Book Standard, MacWorld and the nationally syndicated radio show The Dragon Page.

In April 1, 2007 Ancestor was released as a print novel and exploded to number #1 on’s Science Fiction and Horror Rankings. On that same day Ancestor reached #7 overall. A Michigan native, Scott lives in San Francisco with his wife Jody. And no, he’s not as scary as he looks… or sounds… or thinks… or writes.

Mur Lafferty (Serena Perti)

Mur LaffertyMur Lafferty is a writer and podcaster. She is the coauthor of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters, host of I Should Be Writing, author of the Heaven Series (Heaven, Hell, and Earth), and in September her novel “Playing for Keeps” was released by Swarm Press. More information on Mur Lafferty can be found at

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