Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 21 – Chapter 20

Episode 21 – Chapter 20 – The Manor Calls

00:00 – Intro

1:35 – The Story So Far

After a long day of investigation, Arames realizes that every answer points them back to Avedon Manor.

The Story So Far was performed by dedicated listener treed and his very talented daughter, Abby.

03:15 – Chapter Twenty: The Manor Calls

Arames and Arrin encounter Father Jorrus, and then head to the manor… uninvited.

29:00 – Exit Chatter

36:15 – Promo

  • May 17th – Raleigh, NC – Quail Ridge Books, 6:30 pm – New Media Panel (with Mur Lafferty) – this promo can be downloaded from the sidebar on the MaAH website.

Music in this podcast:

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Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 41 – Chapter 41

0:00 – Intro

  • DYH “Network ID” – Michael Spence
  • Intro Bumper – J.F. Lewis
  • Intro Chatter
    • Episode 41 was a bear! 50+ hours of production. Am I crazy! YES!
    • Thanks again to my assistant producers
    • I will list all the episode info after the chapter… but I must recognize Scott Sigler, the godfather of the podcast novel, (it’s part of the contract that I call him that) and thank him for joining the podcast!


Murder at Avedon Hill Q&A on TalkShoe, from 6/6/09

On Saturday, June 6th we had our first live Q&A show on TalkShoe. At least twenty-five people attended the show. It was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely be doing something like this again in the future.


Help a Friend in Need…

I have had a lot of trouble putting into words what I’ve been feeling this week. One of my best friends, both in podcasting and in life, lost his wife unexpectedly. I don’t have the capacity to write what I should at this point, but thankfully J.C. Hutchins has done just that, more eloquently than I ever could. If you have listened to Tee Morris on his podcasts, or even just as the voice of Father Jorrus in Murder at Avedon Hill, please head on over to J.C.’s site and read this post, and listen to the seven minute audio file. Do that for me.

Thank you to J.C., and to Philippa Ballantine for spearheading the effort around this.

Tee, thoughts and prayers go out on your behalf in this time of need. You are loved.

Tales of the Children – Audio Ep. #3 – First Blood – Alex Briggs

Tales of the Children – A Land of Caern short story podcast anthology presented by P.G. Holyfield

Before I go any further, it must be said/written. I’m not happy with this episode. The story is top notch; the reading is solid; good use of music and effects. The issue is with the audio quality of the reading. I made a rookie mistake (which I won’t detail here) that affected the final output file. Whew… I feel better. Let’s get back to the show.

0:00 – Intro Chatter

  • Lots of news… will update this with a bullet list later.

7:00 – First Blood – Alex Briggs

A nearly lifelong relationship between a particular human and an orc is played out before our eyes… or ears, rather.

25:00 – Promo

Jake Bible – Dead Mech

26:00 – Outro Chatter

Please visit The Boom Effect to learn more about the charity that has sprung up to support Tee Morris and his daughter. I will be donating stuff to the auction.

Music in this episode:

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