The Crew

The wonderful assistant producers helping me get the last few episodes out to you in a “somewhat” timely manner:

Paulette Jaxton

Paulette JaxtonPaulette Jaxton is the host and primary author of the Form Letter Rejection Theatre podcast. A collection of short speculative stories presented with a full voice cast.
Paulette began her career as a software engineer at NASA during the early days of the shuttle program. After a lifetime love affair with fantasy and science fiction that began with the likes of Tolken and Heinlein, she now brings her own unique voice to the genre she loves. Having grown up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Paulette still calls Annapolis, Maryland home.

Scott Roche

Scott RocheScott Roche is first and foremost the husband of one awesome wife and father to three fantastic children.  In his spare time (HAH!) he is the author and producer of the podcast novel Archangel and the co-host and producer of the nearly weekly podcast Spiritual Stew which can be found at  In addition, he is also co-producing the podcast novel Making the Cut at  His passion for the medium and the podcast community has apparently caused him to strip some gears since now, thanks to a wonderful opportunity offered by Mr. Holyfield, Scott is also co-producing MaAH.  In spite of this apparent insanity, he’s also a nice guy and welcomes any and all challenges that don’t involve juggling running chansaws, especially if they’re not flaming.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Stewart Boyles

Stewart BoylesFor the past 4 years Stewart has commuted 3 hours a day.  There is only so much music one can listen to.  During that time Stewart becamea fan of podcasts.  He views his work on Murder at Avedon Hill as a chance to work with talented people in a new and exciting field, and to give back to those who have provided many hours of  entertainment. Stewart is currently working for his local PBS affiliate in Portland, Oregon, as an educational media producer.  Between being a full time husband, a full time father, and having a full time job, listening to great shows has filled what little free time is left.  Every once and a while Stewart will carve out a few months and produce independent films.  And someday he’ll actually get around to building a website for them :)

Charles Blanchard

Charles Blanchard A geologist by training, Charles Blanchard has worked in support IT for many years – yet began his career as a professional archaeologist. A martial arts practitioner, and former lifeguard, his daily commute into NYC has turned him into a diehard podcast lit fan. Charles makes his home in northern NJ with his wonderful [and long-suffering] lady-wife, three children & an exuberant labrador-mix named Genevieve.

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