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Extra Content – Map of Avedon Hill

A map of Avedon Hill – Ever wonder where some of the businesses and homes are in Avedon Hill?

Here is a .pdf of a map of the town. It was created by snikle, one of the founders of Four Ugly Monsters, a site dedicated to virtual gaming tables such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds: RPG Edition, and MapTool.

The map was created for an RPG supplement that I was working on with snikle and devinnight (the artist that created the icons of the Children seen in the novel and on this site). I stepped away from Four Ugly Monsters (I was a founder as well) to concentrate on writing (and on the podcast). These are two great guys, and some of the extra content you’ll see over the next few weeks will be all thanks to their hard work.

A couple of areas previously mentioned and/or visited in the novel but not marked on the map: the Circle is the group of yellow buildings in the center of town; the Estates are the yellow buildings on the right side of the map.

Extra Content – More maps

In today’s extra content release we have three maps. First is a stylized map of the region around Avedon Hill. Next is a map of the Avedon Hill Inn. Last we have a map of Sarah Tremaine’s shop, a location featured in ep. 27, which should be released tomorrow.

The stylized map was created by my friend Ilwan a couple of years ago. He and his extensive mapping skills can be found at The other two maps were created once again by snikle, one of the founders of Four Ugly Monsters, a site dedicated to virtual table gaming.

The maps do not follow the novel to the letter (for example, there are booths in the inn’s common room in the novel), but they provide a great visual for those interested in the feel of the world and the town. Enjoy!!

MaAH, in a Bookstore!!

I am one of those guys that always says “Support your local independent bookstore.” Now I have even more of a reason to say it!

MaAH at Constellation Books

Constellation Books, near Baltimore, MD, is an awesome bookstore. How do I know this? Because at the recommendation of scifilaura, the wonderful voice of Julienne Avedon, Constellation Books purchased two copies of the novel from Right now they are sitting on the shelf in the Mystery section of the bookstore, just waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting customers… muwahahaha!!!

Thanks to Laura for the photo, and if you are in the area, why don’t you go in and buy the book! Hell, I’ve got to get my rep started as an author that can move books through a brick and mortar store, right?

Announcement – MaAH has a publisher!

Ah yes…

00:00 – Announcement

Dragon Moon Press will be publishing Murder at Avedon Hill. No set date at this time, but we’re looking at late ’09.

03:30 – Spread the Word!

Press Releases can be found on the Media Kit Page.  Please send to your local paper or media outlet… any entity that might be interested in the story of an unpublished author using ‘new media’ to land a publishing deal. Send me an email and let me know what you’ve done… we’re going to take this to the next level. Thanks, people!!

Last thing (not mentioned in the audio announcement). If you have a website or blog, please add a quick post about the publishing deal and link to the Press Page at – It will definitely help!

Music – “Sunset Serenade” – From Marc Gunn’s new CD, Heart’s Ease.

Murder at Avedon Hill Q&A on TalkShoe, from 6/6/09

On Saturday, June 6th we had our first live Q&A show on TalkShoe. At least twenty-five people attended the show. It was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely be doing something like this again in the future.


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