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“P.G. Holyfield is the author of one of our original Wolfram & Hart stories, “Exit Strategy”. He’s also the creator of the free serialized podcast novel, “Murder at Avedon Hill“, which is an epic high fantasy murder mystery. And I do mean epic, or as Evo Terra infamously dubbed it, “the podiobook that never ends.” On May 21, 2009 after 42 episodes, “Murder at Avedon Hill” did finally wrap production. Not only was this story epic in scope and scale, but the sheer number of over 45 talented voice actors from many podcasts also lends to this grand tale…” Click Here to Read More

The Podcast Repertory Theatre – Part 3 – Murder at Avedon Hill
Article by Michael Spence on his blog, “Brother Osric’s Scriptorium”

“…Arames Kragen is a monk of many parts. As an Aarronic Advisor, he formerly counseled a prince in matters diplomatic and military, his dedication ultimately not to his ruler but to the land itself. While not talented in the use of magic, Arames himself has a particular sensitivity to the “river of magic” that runs through the Land of Caern, a trait that occasionally gives him insight into the unseen activities of those who do wield magical power (and, incidentally, ties in ideally with his Aarronic commitment to the land). His own personal interest, however, is in the study of theology and prophecy; it is to follow this pursuit that, while remaining a member of the monastic Aarronic Order, he has taken early retirement as an Advisor. Researcher, diplomat, strategist, sensitive — all ideal characteristics for a detective.”

Quadruple Z: Podcast Review – Why You Should Listen to Murder at Avedon Hill – Tabitha Grace Smith

“Crossing genres can work extremely well. Case in point is one of my favorite TV shows – Firefly (SciFi/Western). Of course, for this to work the artist/creatorhas to have some basic understanding of both genres to serve them well. After finishing “Murder at Avedon Hill” (MaAH), I can assure you that author P.G. Holyfield not only brings an entertaining fantasy story but a compelling mystery. Even if fantasy isn’t your cup of tea (or if tea isn’t your cup of… well, you get the idea) Holyfield spins a compelling tapestry of characters, situations and, of course, murder.” Click Link above to see the rest of the review.

Interview – Live on BlogTalkRadio
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Interview –
Interviewed by Heather Roulo for’s weekly podcast

Interview – Erk from ErkPod
Interviewed by Erk at Balticon 2009

Press Release – February 25, 2009

Please send the following Press Release to any outlets that would be interested

CONTACT: P.G. Holyfield – (704) 649-1207 – pgholyfield @

CHARLOTE, NC – First-time author P.G. Holyfield’s high fantasy murder mystery, “Murder at Avedon Hill,” will be published by Dragon Moon Press in late 2009.

Holyfield built an audience of nearly 16,000 listeners when he released “Murder at Avedon Hill” as a free serialized online audio book, or podcast novel. “Podcasting allowed me to introduce myself and my writing to a global audience,” Holyfield said recently. “Listeners have connected both to the story and to my voice.”

“With what he’s done with his podcast, P.G Holyfield was on our radar,” notes Gwen Gades, publisher at Dragon Moon Press. “But fans tracking down a publisher to request the print version of the novel? We had to move on that.”

“Murder at Avedon Hill” is a fantasy novel with the feel of a medieval murder mystery. “The story’s cross-genre nature has attracted mystery and fantasy fans alike,” said Holyfield. “I am thrilled at the opportunity to create the print version of the novel with Dragon Moon Press.”

ABOUT P.G. HOLYFIELD – P.G. Holyfield lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and their two daughters. P.G.’s love of religion, mythology and role-playing games inpired him to create the Land of Caern fantasy setting. “Murder at Avedon Hill” is P.G. Holyfield’s debut novel.

ABOUT THE PODCAST – The “Murder at Avedon Hill” Podcast Novel ( is a true multimedia experience. The production includes a cast of over forty voices, art, music, and video. “Murder at Avedon Hill” was a 2008 Podcast Peer Awards Finalist in the categories of Best Podcast Novel and Best Overall Audio Production. Listeners on six continents have downloaded nearly half a million files from P.G. Holyfield’s website and from (

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P.G. Holyfield
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