Arames Kragen

Arames is a member of the Aarronic Order, a brotherhood that has served the interests of the Land for almost 400 years. During his younger years Arames served as an Aarronic Advisor to the then Prince of Yew, Renoir Perti. Arames retired at the relatively young age of 38 to pursue his scholarly love of religion and prophecy. The monk has become something of an expert on the prophecies of Iberian. His constant travels, his former position as Advisor, and a penchant for solving problems have given him a reputation as an investigator of sorts. Arames will be required to leverage all of this and more to survive this visit to Avedon Hill.


Arrin is a young student traveling with Arames Kragen. Arrin’s thirst for knowledge is matched only by his youthful impatience. Arrin harbors a secret that could cause issues for both himself and Arames Kragen.

Lord Avedon

Mayor of Avedon Hill. The Avedon family has ruled Avedon Hill for nearly five hundred years, and built the Olviaran Pass, a series of tunnels and roads that can shorten a trip from Western to Northern Grozh by over a week’s time. When the novel begins, Lord Avedon is distraught over the loss of his Housemistress, Gretta Platt.

Talik Bore

Talik is Avedon Hill’s only innkeeper, a member of one of the oldest families living in Avedon Hill. Talik has a reputation for wild schemes meant to bring new visitors to Avedon Hill.

Head Constable Louis

Louis is the primary peace-keeper of Avedon Hill, and is close to all the members of the Avedon family. He has been forced to conclude that someone within the walls of Avedon Hill committed the murder of Gretta Platt.

Father Jorrus

Father Jorrus is the former caretaker of the town’s recently completed Temple of Az. An acknowledged undead hunter with the Brotherhood of Arjun during his youth, Jorrus believes there is a growing undead threat in and around Avedon Hill.

Hemming the Baker

Hemming has one of the most prosperous businesses in Avedon Hill, and is a member of one of the oldest families in town.

Lane Niccols

Lane is the town’s librarian. For such a small and out of the way location, the library at Avedon Hill has one of the best collections in all of Caern, all thanks to Lane Niccols


Marrissa is the town herbalist, also called a doctor. Non-spiritual magic is frowned upon or even forbidden in most corners of Caern; if it turns out that Marrissa cannot dip from the River, then all of Avedon Hill is in danger.

Jilly Hemming

Jilly is the only daughter of Hemming the Baker. Gretta and Jilly were the best of friends for years, but something changed in their relationship several months before Gretta’s murder. Gretta stopped spending afternoons with Jilly for reasons unknown… but a couple of weeks ago, Gretta seemed to have a change of heart–that is, until she wound up dead in the Avedon Manor courtyard.

Sarah Tremaine

Sarah is the local seamstress and clothier. She was not born in Avedon Hill and her beauty captivates all that come in contact with her. Arames immediately recognizes that Sarah Tremaine is a woman with many secrets; and those secrets, while they may or may not be connected to the death of Gretta Platt, will play a part during their stay in Avedon Hill.

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