The Podcast

The podcast version of Murder at Avedon Hill began in June, 2007. The last episode of the podcast novel was uploaded on May 19th, 2009.

Here is a video promo for the Murder at Avedon Hill Podcast Novel:

The first audio promo for the podcast novel can be found here.
The “Voices” promo can be found here.
The “Home Stretch” Promo can be found here.

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If you would like to listen to the podcast directly from this website, click on the links to get to the specific episode pages:

A listener asked me if I had more info on the background of Caern, the Children of Az, etc. in audio form. It made me realize that iTunes has dropped my T-Minus episodes from their list. If you want to hear some of this info, please listen to the T-Minus 3 podcast that I did in February 2007.

Lastly, a chatter/promo free version of the podcast is available at Heck, subscribe to both if you like!

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