Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 29 – Chapter 29

Episode 29 – Chapter 29 – Lane Niccols

00:00 – Intro

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  • Intro Chatter
    • Dragon*Con coming!
    • I am a horrible nemesis
    • Did not win a Podcast Peer Award, but got some votes!
    • Guest Voices – Rick Stringer, The Vicar, Caroline Murphy-Himmelman

3:55 – The Story So Far

Arames Kragen has been hired to discover who murdered Gretta Platt. His investigation leads him to examine the corpse of a murdered book dealer a few leagues from Avedon Hill. Evidence confirms that there is a vampire master living in Avedon Hill.

06:00 – Chapter Twenty-nine: Lane Niccols

Arames confronts Lane Niccols.

19:00 – Promos

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Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 34 – Ch. 34

0:00 – Intro

  • Bumper: Kim Fortuner
  • Intro Chatter
    • Ep. 34 is short (because chapter 34 is short), but worth it. I could not combine it with Chapter 35, because ch. 35 is already very long.
    • Call the Caern Line – 704-315-5884
    • Guest Voices – Rick Stringer, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Jon Stallard, James Ziesel, Philippa Ballantine, Chris Miller, K.J. Johnson
    • Not mentioned, but I hope you dig the new podcast icon, courtesy of J.C. Hutchins!

Previously on Murder at Avedon Hill

Our heroes battle Rondellus Marx; Arames shares a legend of Ursala with Arrin.

3:05 – Chapter Thirty-four: Bells of Dawn

Arames and Arrin both dream.

14:00 – Promos, Caern-Line calls, and a song…

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Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 39 – Chapter 39

0:00 – Intro

4:00 – The Story So Far – Nathan Lowell

After the recent deaths of some of Avedon Hill’s townspeople, Arames Kragen has had enough.

6:20 – Chapter 39: The Temple of Artus

Arames and Arrin pay a visit to Marrissa, and then move to the long-abandoned Temple of Artus.

31:40 – Post-Chapter

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Three more to go! Thanks for everything!

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