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Appearance: Hey, Want to Watch a Movie? podcast

I recently joined Christiana Ellis (author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless) on her very fun podcast called “Hey Want to Watch a Movie?”. “Hey Want to Watch a Movie?” is a podcast where Christiana skypes in three or four people and they all watch a movie, providing listeners with a fan version of a director’s commentary.

Along with Christiana, I joined Steve Eley (Escape Pod, Podholes) and Neil (the Borderline podcast) to watch one of my favorite all-time movies, The Princess Bride.

So if you have a copy of The Princess Bride and want to play along, download the podcast from Christiana’s site. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope to do this again real soon.

Appearance: Short Story Dropped in Scott Sigler’s “The Rookie” feed

I wrote a short story back in October. It’s about meeting Scott Sigler, author of Earthcore, Ancestor, Infection, and his current podcast novel, “The Rookie.” The story starts out autobiographical, but it takes a horrific (yet fun) turn that I thought might appeal to Scott and his fans.

I sent the soft copy to a couple of podcasters and received positive feedback… and J.C. Hutchins liked it enough to agree to “play” Scott Sigler in the podcast version of the story. I sent the audio version of the story to Scott in November… and today he dropped it in his feed!!

The name of the story is Death, Taxes, and Scott Sigler. I’ll be playing a version of it in my own feed probably next week, but if you can’t wait, please download it from Scott’s site and give it a listen (and if you like it, please comment about it on Scott’s site).

Ah, a good day… :)

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Appearance: Kilroy 2.0 Stress Disorder skit played on J.C. Hutchins’ “7th Son” podcast

I’ll share the longer version of the story on next week’s first T-minus podcast, but a while back I got an idea for a skit for J.C. Hutchins, playing on the dangerous contortions one might go through to imitate the Kilroy 2.0 clone voice. I wrote a fake PSA and several podcasters agreed to play along.

Head on over to J.C. Hutchins 7th Son website to listen to the short version of the skit, which he dropped into his podcast feed on Friday. The long version of it is there as well, in the Download Center area of his site. Again I’ll be playing a version of it in next week’s podcast, and will talk more about the great podcasters that contributed their time and energy during the Christmas holiday on this silly little creation.

Appearance: Five Minute Memoir podcast

Today Matthew Selznick released Episode 3 of his Five Minute Memoir podcast. This particular memoir just happens to be mine…

Matthew’s description of his podcast:

“Every life is a mosaic of moments… the stories, confessions, and formative times that make us who we are. On Five Minute Memoir, listeners share vignettes from their own experience… and so reveal the common threads connecting us all.”

Episode 3 is my recollection of a formative day during my young life, where I learned that ‘larger than life’ has more than one meaning… and that politicians never stop being politicians… ever.

If I had given this a name, it would have been called “No Virginia, there isn’t a Santa Claus” (even though I know there is a Santa Claus… no, really, there is).

Elizabeth Taylor rides in golf cart at 1978 Suffolk Peanut Festival

On the Podcast: The Raleigh Write 2 Publish New Media Panel

Joe Mieczkowski over at On the posted the audio from the panel I did with Mur Lafferty and Elisa Lorello at Quail Ridge Books on May 17th. Please visit for more information on this great podcast. I’ll post a link to the video from this event when it becomes available.

Onthepodcast: Special Episode – Raleigh Write 2 Publish Panel

NC State professor & author Stacey Cochran moderated the Raleigh Write 2 Publish – Panel Discussion:
Podcasting, Blogs, and Self-Publishing: New Ways to Reach Audiences With Your Book with authors P.G. Holyfield, Mur Lafferty, and Elisa Lorello. This panel took place at Quail Ridge Books on Saturday, May 17, 6:30 PM

Stacey Cochran:

Mur Lafferty

Elisa Lorello

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