Rest in Peace

PG and KimPatrick Gail Holyfield passed away on August 20th, 2014 at the age of 46 after an all too brief battle with cancer. He died in his home surrounded by friends and family.

Throughout his life, Patrick has loved sports and speculative fiction in all its forms. He grew up in Virginia and studied Religious Studies at the University of Virginia where he graduated in 1990. His degree allowed him as an author to create rich worlds with nuanced belief systems.

Professionally known as P.G. Holyfield, he authored “Murder At Avedon Hill” and numerous short stories. He received the John W. Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel of 2010 and Best Fantasy Novel at the 2010 Foreword Book of the Year Awards.

P.G was also a well known podcaster, video producer, and voice actor. His latest works included “Beyond the Wall” and “ Presents: Consumption”.

While Patrick is best known for fiction and media work, the three creations he was most proud of were his daughters Kayla, Samantha, and Alexis. He is survived by his children, his parents Mary Jo Holyfield, Ron Holyfield, step mother Kay Williams Holyfield, his brother Mark Holyfield and sister-in-law Joan Holyfield, nephews Hunter and Austin Holyfield, aunt Darla Gail Holyfield, and his beloved Kim Herrick.

He will be missed by all, but through his creative works will live on; “You can’t stop the signal.”

A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Please consider donating to the Patrick G. Holyfield Childrens Trust via the badge below.


Since I have spent most of my time on my other site,, I thought I should add a welcome post here to possible new visitors.

Hi, I’m P.G. Holyfield. I am a podcaster and wrote a novel called Murder at Avedon Hill. I produced an audio version of an early draft of the novel from 2007-2009, which you can find on iTunes and over at If you do not use iTunes or some other ‘podcatcher,’ and would like to just download the audio files  from here (or listen to them directly on this site), here is the best place to start.

If you are interested in the novel, you can read the first few chapters of the novel here, and you can find print and kindle versions of the novel on

After I finished the podcast of the novel, I started producing a short story anthology called Tales of the Children, based in the ‘world’ where Murder at Avedon Hill takes place. These are stories written mostly by other authors, and I will return to that podcast at some point… soon. What was fun about this anthology was it allowed me to delve into video as well. I did live readings of the stories through, then followed with podcasted audio versions of the stories. You can find more information on this short story anthology here.

Currently I am one of the hosts of the Beyond the Wall, a Game of Thrones related podcast where we talk about the HBO series and the books by George R.R. Martin. I am a frequent guest at conventions such as Balticon and Dragon*Con, where I am usually on panels around new media, podcasting, and self-promotion.

I live in Charlotte, NC  and have given talks on self-promotion, self-publishing and working with a small publisher, both at local venues and at regional conventions. If you are interested in this or for any other reason, please email me at pgholyfield at gmail dot com

Information on Tributes

Information on the Tributes:

Wednesday, 10/8 at 9pm – Online Vid Tribute from The Beyond the Wall crew:

On Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 9pm Eastern, the Beyond the Wall crew will be recording a live podcast show in which we will bid farewell to our good friend, P.G. Holyfield.

There is also an in-person gathering and a Memorial Service occurring on Oct 11th and 12th, respectively.

If you would like to attend one or both of those events, please check the links on this post at

Of course, we understand that not everyone will be able to attend in person.

For so many, these podcasts are how they knew him.

So, the show on Wednesday the 8th will be a way for us, and for you, to express your feelings about this man, who brought so many people together.

We on the crew will be sharing our feelings and memories, but, we would also like to hear from you. If you have words, audio or video that you would like to share, please email it to us at

Even if you have already sent something, please re-send it if you would like it to appear on this show. If you would like to send something that is just for family or any other private audience, please indicate this in your email.

And of course, if you are reading this too late or are just unable to put your feelings together before we record, please send anyways.

Also, please help us boost the signal, both for this announcement and the show event links that will follow, so that everyone that would like to can participate.

P.G. Holyfield founded a great community at SpecFicMedia, but now his watch has ended.

Our watch continues and so we will carry on our sacred duty, which is to talk about things we love – and people that we love – with all of you.

Thank you, from your friends at


Saturday: A Casual Gathering and A Celebration of Life in Honor of Patrick G. Holyfield

October 11th from 6 pm – 10 pm – Come and go as you are available

Flying Saucer in Charlotte, NC
9605 N Tryon St Suite A, Charlotte, North Carolina 28262

Chooch and I will be hosting an informal gathering in Charlotte on Saturday, October 11th, at The Flying Saucer. It’s a craft brew honoring restaurant, that we’ve enjoyed with P.G. in the past.

The official time is from 6 – 8 pm, when we are guaranteed use of the private room. If our numbers dwindle, we may move to a large table or we may be allowed to stay in the private room. They have been wonderfully accommodating and will do their best for us.

There will be self-pay dining and libation offerings in mid-price range

A brief video of memories from Chooch and I including some favorite Con(vention) Family will be available for viewing at any time. Otherwise, come as you are able as you arrive from other destinations or to spend the time together. We hope to highlight P.G., our friendship, and shared world with him in the podcasting and convention realms.

This will be a celebration of life, his life, and our con family experiences with him, but also a place for those that wish for grieving and remembrance, as well.

If you have ideas for this celebration of his life, please make pledges of time or assistance, please send to

If you have pix or vid clips you love of PG, please send to, for possible inclusion in the video we are hoping to complete. (Time constraints.)

Also, if you are local and available to assist, please let me know at the above email to coordinate with needs for this unexpected gathering/weekend.


Sunday: The Memorial Service in honor of Patrick G. Holyfield

Sunday, at 12pm – Embassy Suites Banquet Room located at 4800 S. Tryon St (near Charlotte Douglas Airport–they will have shuttle service).

Please forward any written sentiments, photos, audio or video you would like to make a part of my tribute to me (Kim AKA The Trustee) at

Thank you so much for your thoughts and contributions. I truly look forward to seeing or hearing from all of you, either next week or in the future.


“Canary in a Coal Mine” – New eBook available

“Canary in a Coal Mine”

A few years ago I wrote a short story (short for me, in any case, around 8K words) for Matthew Wayne Selznick’s The Sovereign Era: Year One anthology. It was called “Every Breath You Take.”It’s the story of high school senior Christian Murphy, who has it bad for a foreign exchange student named Stacey… ‘but in a world where thousands of people are learning they possess unique, incredible powers, what exactly stands in the way of Christian getting what he wants?’

Last Fall, Matt did a Kickstarter for his second novel set in this universe, and I offered to write a ‘sequel’ to my first story as a pledge reward for his fans. Matt allowed me to play in his universe once again, and this story became more of a ‘novelette,’ with a word count of nearly 14K. Now that Matt has fulfilled his Kickstarter obligations, we’re getting this puppy out as an e-book on Amazon and B&N for $3.99. The name of this novelette? “Canary in a Coal Mine.”

“Canary in a Coal Mine” on

“Canary in a Coal Mine” on B&

So, more about ‘Canary,’ which can be read as a standalone story (although there are characters from the first story that appear in this one as well, so go get ‘Breath’ for 1.99 at Amazon or B&N… it’s good)

“Sovereign Conduct Enforcement Team (S.C.E.T.) investigators Adoette Smith and Joshua Wolff team with a local police officer to investigate what happened at the end of ‘Breath,’ and the disappearance of the potential Sovereign, Stacey Miller

When circumstances bring Adoette’s violent, troubled past to the surface, will she be able to utilize her own Sovereign abilities in time to find Stacey?

I had fun with this story, and doing it got me back in the writing mood, in a big way. I hope you enjoy it. And if you enjoy the setting and haven’t read Matt Selznick’s Sovereign novels, please do!!

Balticon 46 – Starts Today!

I won’t be there until tomorrow, but if you are around, here’s where you can find me:

Saturday, 8 pm – Beyond the Wall (Derby)

Saturday 10 pm – Dramatization or Straight Read (Salon B)

Sunday 9 am – Religious Systems (Salon B)

Sunday 9 pm – Stargazers audio Drama (Derby)

Sunday 10 pm – Reading (Chase)

Monday 11 am – Serialized Science Fiction – the New Pulps (Derby)

Of course, the big one for us is The Beyond The Wall live show Saturday night. It should be a LOT of fun!

Appearance: The Roundtable Podcast

Last week I was a Guest Host on The Roundtable Podcast, a great new podcast that does two different things really well. Their primary purpose is to do story-workshops with new/budding writers, which is a lot of fun to do, and to listen to if you are interested in writing. They (hosts Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey) also take time to interview their guests hosts about their writing and the process of writing.

My interview with Dave and Brion is up on the site now and the workshop episode should be released in the next day or so. I hope you enjoy it!

“Every Breath You Take” – Short Story “novella”

Almost two years ago my friend Matthew Wayne Selznick released an anthology called The Sovereign Era: Year One. I was thrilled to have my first published short story be in this anthology. I recommend the anthology highly, along with Matthew’s novel Brave Men Run, the “universe” in which my story takes place. But a couple of days ago Matt released my story as a standalone e-book product. See the description below for more info (text from Matthew’s website).

It’s classified as a short story, but it weighs in at around 8K. Long enough to be called a “novella?” Maybe not. But definitely a good lengthy read for those that missed it when the anthology came out.

“Every Breath You Take” by P. G. Holyfield

P. G. Holyfield is the author of the award-winning fantasy mystery “Murder at Avedon Hill,” a podcaster, and speaks at many conventions in the science fiction and new media fandom community. His “Every Breath You Take” has the distinction of being the single longest piece of Sovereign Era fiction to date (not counting “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era.”)

“Every Breath You Take” is a tale of teen aggression and obsession. Chris has it bad for Stacey… but in a world where thousands of people possess unique, incredible powers, what exactly stands in the way of Chris getting what he wants..?

Get “Every Breath You Take” for the Nook or Kindle, or buy the epub / Mobi bundle right here… and be sure to visit P. G. Holyfield’s own site for more from him!

DragonCon 2010 – Podcasting Track Kickoff Panel

I was on the kickoff panel at Dragon*Con 2010 for the podcasting track. I got to sit next to Veronica Belmont on the panel, so everything else after this was just gravy. Just kidding of course. Lovely lady, and one of my favorite podcasters out there. Please visit Dragon*Pod for more audio from the podcasting track of 2010.

This panel also featured the diverse talents of: Tom Merritt (Sword and LaserTech News Today), Veronica Belmont (QoreSword and Laser), Len Peralta (Jawbone RadioGeek a Week), Brian Ibbott (Coverville) and Bobby Blackwolf (The Bobby Blackwolf Show).

MaAH wins Silver Medal

ForeWard Book Reviews holds a yearly Book of the Year Awards. Murder at Avedon Hill was nominated (along with eight other titles) for the 2010 BoTY award for the category Fiction – Fantasy. Last week it was announced that MaAH was given the Silver Medal.

I want to once again thank everyone out there that listened to the podcast and/or supported the book by purchasing it when it came out last year. I also want to thank my editor, Gabrielle Harbowy, for her tireless work as my editor, and Gwen Gades, my publisher with Dragon Moon Press.

Tales of the Children Ep. 7 – Love’s Sacrificial Song – Tabitha Grace Smith

Tales of the Children – A Land of Caern short story podcast anthology presented by P.G. Holyfield

Today we have the Tales of the Children short story “Love’s Sacrificial Song,” by Tabitha Grace Smith. This episode was c0-produced by Paulette Jaxton of The Empress Sword podcast and novel.


Murder at Avedon Hill wins the Inaugural Dr. John William Polidori…

Murder at Avedon Hill wins the inaugural Dr. John William Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel of 2010. Head on over to the Out of the Coffin podcast, check out episode 70, and listen to the awards and my brief acceptance speech. :-)

Thanks to everyone that went over and voted last month. This was a people’s choice award and your votes pushed MaAH past a wonderful set of nominees, including books/novellas by Gail Carriger, Charlaine Harris, Stephenie Meyer, and Seth Grahame-Smith. You guys rock!!

MaAH a finalist for ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award

ForeWord Reviews has a yearly BOTY awards program. Murder at Avedon Hill is a finalist in the category Fiction – Fantasy.

From the website:

ForeWord‘s Book of the Year Awards program was created to spotlight distinctive books from independent publishers. What sets the awards apart from others is that final selections are made by real judges—working librarians and booksellers—based on their experiences with patrons and customers.

The awards are given out in June. Wish me luck! :-)

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