Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 29 – Chapter 29

Episode 29 – Chapter 29 – Lane Niccols

00:00 – Intro

  • Bumper: Brian Brown
  • Intro Chatter
    • Dragon*Con coming!
    • I am a horrible nemesis
    • Did not win a Podcast Peer Award, but got some votes!
    • Guest Voices – Rick Stringer, The Vicar, Caroline Murphy-Himmelman

3:55 – The Story So Far

Arames Kragen has been hired to discover who murdered Gretta Platt. His investigation leads him to examine the corpse of a murdered book dealer a few leagues from Avedon Hill. Evidence confirms that there is a vampire master living in Avedon Hill.

06:00 – Chapter Twenty-nine: Lane Niccols

Arames confronts Lane Niccols.

19:00 – Promos

Music in this podcast:

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3 Responses to “Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 29 – Chapter 29”

  1. Ralph says:

    this is not actually about the podcast chapter but rather the cearnline. I tried to leave comments there a couple of times but whenever i ring it is quite garbled and noisy. IS that number a none international? As I tried from different phones I think it may be the international connection that is causing the problem.
    Other than that I realy enjoy the podcast

    thank you for the good work

  2. I’ll check grand central and see if there are any blocks for international calls. I just checked the number from here and it seems to be working fine.

  3. DDog says:

    Wow. I did not see that coming. Awesome work!