Appearance: Five Minute Memoir podcast

Today Matthew Selznick released Episode 3 of his Five Minute Memoir podcast. This particular memoir just happens to be mine…

Matthew’s description of his podcast:

“Every life is a mosaic of moments… the stories, confessions, and formative times that make us who we are. On Five Minute Memoir, listeners share vignettes from their own experience… and so reveal the common threads connecting us all.”

Episode 3 is my recollection of a formative day during my young life, where I learned that ‘larger than life’ has more than one meaning… and that politicians never stop being politicians… ever.

If I had given this a name, it would have been called “No Virginia, there isn’t a Santa Claus” (even though I know there is a Santa Claus… no, really, there is).

Elizabeth Taylor rides in golf cart at 1978 Suffolk Peanut Festival

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