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Amazon Rush Flyer

Are you spreading the word?

Are your friends confused about the Amazon Rush?

Can you tell I’m just writing text here so the image below will appear underneath the thumbnail image, and not be pushed out to the right and off the screen? :-)

The attached flyer explains what we’re trying to do on Saturday. Please grab it, post it and/or send it to everyone you can. Spread the word!

The link to Amazon is live. The book CAN be purchased now. But if you can, please wait until Saturday at noon Eastern to buy the ten copies you plan on purchasing. ;-)

New Feeds…


I finally got around to adding new feeds to iTunes and Feedburner to give listeners two options:

First, if you are only interested in content pertaining to Tales of the Children (and there will be many episodes released over the next few months), here’s the feed for you:

Subscribe in a reader

And if you want to subscribe to the site’s Master Feed, where you will receive all content:

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And on a personal note: the site recently went over 1,000,000 file downloads since I started releasing content in 2006. Thanks to everyone that has been on board since the beginning, and to those that have joined us along the way. The ride has been wonderful, and we’re really just getting started.

October Update

A quick update for those of you that like these sorts of things:    :-)

October has been a busy month, as all months are it seems. I am working on a new writing project, which right now means a lot of research, because it takes place in our world and not a world of my creation. More on that on the upcoming Listener Feedback show.

Mur Lafferty released an interview I did with her for I Should Be Writing. Anyone that has followed my podcast knows how much I respect Mur and what she has done over the last five years, and it was an honor to be on her show.

On November 13th we’ll be having some online fun. Some podcasters are going to get together, virtually, for an evening of readings, music, and hopefully some comedy as well. We’re calling it TuacaCon, in honor of the liqueur many of us know and love called Tuaca. Please visit the Facebook event site for more information, and we hope to roll out the TuacaCon website soon. :-)

Winter Update

Hey everyone. It’s been a while, and I’ve got no real news to share about the podcast, other than to say I’ve got audio for two stories to edit and get out to you. When that will happen, I’m not sure, and I won’t make a promise I won’t keep, so let’s just say I’ll do my best to get it out before you forget who I am. ;-)

I’d like to say I’ve made great progress on my next novel, but that wouldn’t be true. I have had some personal setbacks that have left me… unfocused, let’s just say. Or, I could say I’m just focused on what’s most important to me, which is my two young daughters code-named Wallflower and Cannonball. They mean the world to me, and sometimes that means not making the time to be creative. And other than feeling guilty for not getting new things out to you guys, it’s worth every minute of it.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t kept busy with things that might interest you. In November we held the first annual TuacaCon. Head on over to the official website and you’ll find some fun videos from the evening and some created either before or after the event. The evening also included a reading from yours truly, a superhero (or super-villain, rather) short story called Dr. Mercury: Queen of Hearts.


Murder at Avedon Hill wins the Inaugural Dr. John William Polidori…

Murder at Avedon Hill wins the inaugural Dr. John William Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel of 2010. Head on over to the Out of the Coffin podcast, check out episode 70, and listen to the awards and my brief acceptance speech. :-)

Thanks to everyone that went over and voted last month. This was a people’s choice award and your votes pushed MaAH past a wonderful set of nominees, including books/novellas by Gail Carriger, Charlaine Harris, Stephenie Meyer, and Seth Grahame-Smith. You guys rock!!

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