Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 24 – Chapter 23

Episode 24 – Chapter 23 – Back at the Inn

00:00 – Intro

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    • Guest voices: Rae Lamond, James Ziesel

03:30 – Chapter Twenty-Three: Back at the Inn

Arames and Arrin return to the inn, hoping to get some sleep. Events never seem to work out as planned for our heroes, do they?

24:35 – Promo

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4 Responses to “Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 24 – Chapter 23”

  1. Dave Martin says:

    Excellent episode P.G.! I stumbled onto your site after hearing about it on Scott Sigler’s site. I have visited dozens of different sites and have listened to hundreds of hours of audio. I can, with confidence, tell you that your site is well above average. It’s a nice blend between straight reads and the full cast ensemble dramas. I listen for six to eight hours a day while I work and found myself voraciously listening to the archived episodes.

    I have always streamed the audio I listen to straight from the web sites directly. Your show is so good that I have investigated pod catchers, pod casts in general, signed up or iTunes and PodioBooks and (drum roll) purchased my very first MP3 player so that I can listen anywhere. (Seriously, this is huge props, none of the other web sites managed to do this.)

    I hope your father’s day broadcast was a success. I was mad at myself for not setting an alarm so that I could catch it once I realized it was too late. If you recorded it you should put it out on a stream so that those of us that missed it can join in after the fact. Please consider doing another one in the future!

    This last episode was riveting and I was bummed to realize that I had listened to everything out there. I will be sure to enter your contest as I would love a shirt. :) (I’ll buy one even if I don’t win though. LOL)

    Keep up the good work! You have a made a loyal fan of me. I am listening to Heaven now by Mur Lafferty as a result of your site, waiting for your next episode to arrive.

    Best regards and much respect,
    -Dave M.

  2. Sukarn says:

    Damn P.G., curse you for hanging us at such a cliffhanger!!

    Really though, this episode was absolutely awesome. Great story line, and great way to finish part 1.

    I can’t believe you haven’t had more comments by now. This episode was (according to me) right near the top of your work. I don’t really know why I liked it so much. Maybe the way you narrated the events in this episode, maybe the cliffhanger, although you might not really call it a cliffhanger, but I’m very eager to know what happens next.

  3. Dave Martin says:

    I have to completely agree Sukarn! This was my favorite episode out of all of them. PG did a great job on it.

  4. treed says:

    well done my friend

    and the promo and bitstrip companion, brilliant!