Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 20 – Chapters 18 and 19

Episode 20 – Chapter 18 – The Mark of Az; Chapter 19 – The King’s Crown

00:00 – Intro

The Story So Far

Arames and Arrin spend time with Caasz and Brianna Ray. They learn more about Carin Avedon’s new hobby.

03:30 – Chapter Eighteen: The Mark of Az

Arames and Arrin spend time at Avedon Manor, again disappointing Lord Avedon with their progress.

18:00 – Chapter Nineteen: The King’s Crown

Arames and Arrin head back to the town library, researching the possible use of a King’s Head moth.

32:15 – Guest Voices / Promos

Music in this podcast:

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37 Responses to “Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 20 – Chapters 18 and 19”

  1. treed says:

    my commute this morning just got easier
    can’t wait to listen to it
    will comment again, as always

  2. mae says:


  3. treed says:

    ana mae
    you gonna like this one

    PG!! i knew it!!

    EDIT– removed for possible spoilerific content for those that haven’t listened yet END EDIT– :-)

    too cool, my friend.

  4. NightHawK says:

    Read a bit of treeds 2nd comment :o nearly found out the plot. Downloading now.

  5. treed says:


    okok, my bad

  6. yeah yeah…. you’re still cool in my book, treed. ;)

  7. treed says:

    ya, well, thanks
    but what did you think of my comment BEFORE you yanked it??

  8. You could be onto something… but then again, I can’t remember what you wrote; I’m old now.

  9. treed says:

    you ***. i got 13 yrs on you. besides, i was wanting some of that for the SSF that YOU want me to do…………CRS again
    PS. 40 ain’t OLD, it’s MIDDLE AGE and do NOT fall vicitum to the dreaded mid-life crisis ****. it isn’t worth it, been there, done that, got the scars and bills to proof it.

  10. If you had an email that worked :)… anyways, i’ll be in touch through scott’s forums about the SSF.

  11. treed says:

    HEY, oh ya, sorry


  12. Sukarn Maini says:

    Once again, I’m loving the experience of listening to MaAH!!

    Seriously though, I think that this is the best audio book I have heard so far, or at least its in my top two (the other one also being an ongoing book titled “Transistor Rodeo” by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff)

  13. treed says:

    MYN has nothing on PG

    this is the best podcast novel i have heard to date
    that includes sigler, hutchins, mur, heywood, bennett, and others
    i will probably be banned from sigler for saying that
    plan to buy book after this podcast is done

  14. me says:

    happy birthday

  15. Sukarn Maini says:

    I did not say MYN is better than PG, I said that I like MYN almost as much as PG.

    I would say that PG is loads better than MYN, except for the fact that I like the regular releases from MYN and his story is interesting (at least to me, but tastes differ a lot)

    Anyway PG, loving your book. Its the best audiobook I’ve heard.

  16. Sukarn Maini says:

    Argh, again I might have said something that might cause misunderstanding…

    When I said that I like MYN because of the regular releases and interesting story, I did not mean that PG’s story is not interesting. Actually, PG’s story is a lot more interesting than MYN’s story. I meant to say that I like MYN because he releases episodes regularly, and his story is also interesting… wait, maybe i’m not using the right words here when I say his story is interesting… maybe we should all just forgot I ever said this and move on.

  17. treed says:

    i misunderstood
    no prob, really
    i also have foot-in-mouth disease and tend to ramble on, just ask PG.
    i REALLY like PG’s MaAH a whole lot, love it actually. my kind of story, with delicious sequel/prequel potential (such as a history of how and when Avadon Hill got establish and its rules and secretes developed) as well as other stories in the cairn universe.
    see you in the funnies

  18. treed says:

    I was not gonna say anything, well, because, you know why…
    but let’s not run to the wire on this one (episode 21)……..

  19. Tomorrow night, Thomas. Have to finish up a promo I’m doing for me and Mur, and then throw in some final effects.

  20. treed says:

    okok, but only because, well, you know, and abby is getting antsy, she wants to show off to her teachers

    i totally enjoy the promos you do (the ones you did with tee for pip, i still chuckle when i think of them)

  21. treed says:

    um, PG, you know how i like to HOUND you
    but i am trying not too
    really, i am
    been a very difficult week for me
    i need this episode
    need it NOW
    but, i am not HOUNDING you
    well, not yet, not really

    okok, maybe i am, a little bit
    and my little precious baby girl is close to tears, she is so looking forward to this episode (ok, maybe this was a little much)

  22. ah treed. You are a subtle beastie, aren’t you?

    I am working hard on it. Everything is recorded, most of it is edited. I’m just trying to cross the finish line with this one. It’s an important chapter… a very important one.

  23. treed says:

    i know it’s important, why do you think i pester you so? (oh, wait, i pester you most episodes)
    and i am so subtle, you need a shovel to get your way through it.

    i am just making sure you stay on task, my friend
    (like you need me for that)

  24. treed says:

    um, PG
    i left you alone at 11pm CST (midnight you time) so you could concentrate on getting episode 21 out (which YOU said was done except for some last minute editing) i am here at work, with nothing to do (state testing this week, taking advantage of being scheduling out of anything to do), WAITING for you to get this episode OUT. Now, be a good example to your girls by keeping your word and GET ‘ER DONE, DUDE!! it is 9am CST (10am your time) so, Mr. Holyfield, i hope you are amused by my little rants about your timeliness (that is only supassed by the FDO himself, Scott Sigler) and will put forth MORE effort in getting this ALL important episode into our ears.
    much love and adoration from your number 1 fan (don’t worry, wifey has me on tight lease, so i won’t being showing up on your door step unannounced anytime soon, besides, with all these stalkers getting arrested and put away, not much joy in the job left these days)

  25. Oh, I didn’t say I only had last minute editing… I said ‘most of it is edited.’ :)

    I was up until 1 am working on it. Right now I’m with Cannonball; I’m hoping for editing time this afternoon. You’re just gonna have to wait. And guess what… get ready to be cliffhangered…

  26. treed says:

    YOU B_____D!!

    ok, but it better be GOOD

  27. Nick says:

    Poor PG – you do suffer for your art don’t you? ;-)

  28. Yeah, Nick. I really need to find a new place to get fans. The junkies are just plain mean. ;)

  29. oh yeah, here is why I never meet a deadline. And so worth it :)

  30. Nick says:

    That is gorgeous! I have the same problem :
    Totally worth it!

  31. very cool, Nick!

    Ok, you bastages. I am canceling date night with the wife so I can try to finish the episode. So while you are enjoying a night with your family (except for treed, who apparently sits in iTunes pressing the Update podcast button for MaAH every five minutes), I’ll be working… for Nick, who bought a MaAH shirt from cafepress even though I haven’t said word one about my old store on cafepress.


  32. treed says:

    sweet babies, you two.
    mine are a bit older

    and PG………..oh nevermind, i am braindead after this week at school

    and dropping date night for your podcast?? what you got for brains dude?? damn……….

  33. Ok, ep. 21 WILL be released tomorrow (today, actually). All I have left to do is add a few sound effects, mix down the audio, listen to it, and then upload it to the server. This will take a couple of hours, so I’ll do this tomorrow afternoon. I can’t stay awake any longer. Later.

  34. Nick says:

    Thanks PG – I hope Mrs Holyfield understands!

  35. Nick says:

    Treed – I love you and your daughters intro! Very Cool!

  36. treed says:

    Nick, thanks man, we had fun
    when i first told her i wanted her to help me with this, her eys lit up and she got all excited, that was actually the second take we did. she is good at this. i will have to get a flicker account and put up a few pics of my babies (13, 15 and 26)

  37. Nick says:

    That would be great. She sounded a natural!