Extra Content – Map of Avedon Hill

A map of Avedon Hill – Ever wonder where some of the businesses and homes are in Avedon Hill?

Here is a .pdf of a map of the town. It was created by snikle, one of the founders of Four Ugly Monsters, a site dedicated to virtual gaming tables such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds: RPG Edition, and MapTool.

The map was created for an RPG supplement that I was working on with snikle and devinnight (the artist that created the icons of the Children seen in the novel and on this site). I stepped away from Four Ugly Monsters (I was a founder as well) to concentrate on writing (and on the podcast). These are two great guys, and some of the extra content you’ll see over the next few weeks will be all thanks to their hard work.

A couple of areas previously mentioned and/or visited in the novel but not marked on the map: the Circle is the group of yellow buildings in the center of town; the Estates are the yellow buildings on the right side of the map.

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3 Responses to “Extra Content – Map of Avedon Hill”

  1. Valerie says:

    Really cool! Thank you for sharing!!

    BTW…I received my copy of the book (read it cover to cover in one sitting) and……….


    Wish I had order directly from the site though, would have loved a signed copy. I see another copy in my future!

  2. Andy says:

    This is great, thanks PG and thank you Four Ugly Monsters.

    It’ll help me as I visualize the scenes in my mind’s eye as I listen to the podcasts.

  3. Just wait for the next extra content release. You’ll be able to “really” visualize some things after that.