It’s Lane…

Sophia was created for another project. I see Lane.

Long story short: Caroline (the voice of Lane Niccols) is married to a wonderful artist, Jeff Himmelman. Jeff is the same artist that produced the awesome art used by Chris Lester over at the Metamor City podcast. I went to look at Jeff’s art site and came upon the image seen above… and about hurt myself trying to get Outlook open so I could email Caroline and Jeff to see if I could post the image on this site.

So here is Lane Niccols, recently revealed as– wait, I can’t spoil that for new listeners. I’ll shut up now.

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2 Responses to “It’s Lane…”

  1. Laura says:

    wow– this is AWESOME!!! i took at look at his site and it’s absolutely amazing! Jeff is very talented! Can he do portraits for the other characters?

  2. I’m sure he would… but he’s a starving artist, so I’d have to pay him good money for that. :) It would be worth it though, wouldn’t it.

    Well, if I get this thing published someday and I can do a version with some color inserts, I’ll be calling him for sure!!