Murder at Avedon Hill: Ep. 33 – Ch. 33

0:00 – Intro

  • Bumper: Jay Lynn
  • Intro Chatter
    • Thanks for all the positive feedback about Ep. 32!
    • Call the Caern Line – 704-315-5884
    • Two new promos coming soon – with help from Michael Spence
    • Guest Voices – J.C. Hutchins!

4:00 – The Story So Far

The Story So Far for this episode: read by Michael Spence

Arames and Arrin follow Talik Bore and find themselves in deep trouble in the caves outside of Avedon Hill.

5:15 – Chapter Thirty-three:Ursala’s Lament

Our heroes battle Rondellus Marx; Arames shares a legend of Ursala with Arrin.

22:10 – Promo, Caern-Line calls, and Bloopers

Music in this podcast:

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