Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 41 – Chapter 41

0:00 – Intro

  • DYH “Network ID” – Michael Spence
  • Intro Bumper – J.F. Lewis
  • Intro Chatter
    • Episode 41 was a bear! 50+ hours of production. Am I crazy! YES!
    • Thanks again to my assistant producers
    • I will list all the episode info after the chapter… but I must recognize Scott Sigler, the godfather of the podcast novel, (it’s part of the contract that I call him that) and thank him for joining the podcast!

3:40 – “Previously On” Murder at Avedon Hill

  • Sarah Tremaine shares how she discovered the power of her singing voice (ep. 27).
  • Head Constable Louis tells the legend of the Song of Artus (ep. 28)
  • Arrin begins to realize there is truth to the legends of the Children of Az. (ep. 28)
  • Constable Ulrich is fooled by the Song of Artus. (ep. 40).

6:30 – Chapter 41: Doppin’s Jest

Intro: Rick Stringer; The battle for Gretta Platt continues. Lives are changed forever.

48:50 – Post-Chapter

Music in this podcast:

Doppin admires the sights.

Original Artwork by Natalie Metzger

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