Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 42 – Chapter 42 and 43

0:00 – Intro

  • DYH “Network ID” – Michael Spence
  • Intro Chatter
    • Welcome to the final episode of the MaAH podcast novel!
    • We’re jumping right into the narrative. You’ve waited long enough.

1:45 – Chapter 42: Ruler of the Known World, Revisited

Intro: Rick Stringer; Arames and Arrin must survive one more encounter, this time at Avedon Manor.

29:30 – Chapter 43: Endings

Intro: Rick Stringer; As the survivor(s) leave Avedon Hill, a flashback explains some of Arames’s decisions.

36:40 – The End

Music in this episode:

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10 Responses to “Murder at Avedon Hill Ep. 42 – Chapter 42 and 43”

  1. Sam Chupp says:

    CONGRATS! You have every right to be incredibly proud of yourself for getting through this massive undertaking. If you felt anything close to how I felt finishing Heart of the Hunter, you must be incandescent with pride, accomplishment, and exhaustion. Now get to work on MAAH #2: Avedon Strikes Back!

  2. Thanks so much, Sam! More relief than anything else. I think the rest won’t sink in until after Balticon.

  3. V says:

    Congratulations on finishing the podcast ! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  4. Mark in Mesa says:

    When I saw the “The End” file in my feed, my first thought was, “Crap, it’s over!”

    Thanks for a good novel. I am selfishly hoping for the speedy appearance of the next part of the story.

  5. david says:

    When so much time, effort and energy put into something like, the only thing I can say to such a good ending is… JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

    It’s a rare ending that provides both a satisfying conclusion that leaves me comfortable and makes me wonder what comes next for the main characters. You definitely created an interesting world here, hope you give us a chance to explore more of it through future stories. That’s right, like every other grateful reader my first thought at a stories ending is to clamor for more stories. :)

    Seriously though, great job.

  6. Sukarn says:

    Hey P.G.,
    Like the above posts, my mind also went to the fact that MaAH, such a great story, is now over. Congratulations on finishing it though.

    If you remember, I had earlier given some comment about Transistor Rodeo being the only other podcast novel that I liked about as much as Murder at Avedon Hill. Well, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff destroyed that when he took about half a year to release the last episode of TR, after having released all earlier episodes in a weekly manner.

    You were more consistent though, and I could remember in your novel what had happened in earlier episodes when a new one came out.

    Overall, P.G., I loved your novel from beginning to end. Thanks for such a great piece of work.

  7. Alright Holyfield. Now I can say I know who you are and what you’ve done as opposed to when we met at Balticon. Don’t worry I won’t go all fan-girl on you next time we meet.

    I am greatly impressed by the detail and history of the world that you have created. Clearly this was a labor of love for you and those you cast as your characters.

    I applaud all of your efforts hope to hear more from you in the future.

    • Yes, it was a nice thing to meet someone who had no idea about my podcast novel and get you to try it. Thanks for listening, and it was great to meet you too!

  8. Colin says:

    I thought “Murder at Avedon Hill” was a great story to listen to. At this stage, I of course had the benefit of being able to listen to the podcasts consecutively at will.
    I suppose being a Brit, I could even comment that having got past the slower moving, character introduction parts at the beginning, I even got over my initial pedantic irritation of things like; rowt instead of root for route and levver instead of leever. Indeed I even stopped imagining that plough was spelt plow and tire instead of tyre (so hard to forge a new history without losing the heritage!)…
    I thought the story became increasingly gripping as the complexity of the logic was steadily revealed.
    As others, I think it is a good well thought effort and I hope you as pleased with it as I was to hear it.

    • Thanks so much Colin. Hmmm, is it callin or colon? ;-)

      Lucky for me, the novel didn’t take place in our world ;-)

      Truly, thanks for taking the time to write a comment. I see the episode downloads continue to grow, but never know for sure if people are still out there enjoying it.