Murder at Avedon Hill Q&A on TalkShoe, from 6/6/09

On Saturday, June 6th we had our first live Q&A show on TalkShoe. At least twenty-five people attended the show. It was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely be doing something like this again in the future.

Here are links to some of the things mentioned during the show:

  • Michael Spence – Brother Osric’s Scriptorium
  • Michael is now my official biographer. He must attend any future appearance I have and do a two minute introduction to whatever room we enter. :-)
  • The Red Box! – (I was wrong. From the screenshots of the different printngs, I must have gotten it in 1981)
  • Neverwinter Nights
  • Neverwinter Vault – You can still see the first draft of the first half of the novel deep within this site :)
  • Caern Short Stories still on Lulu (free) – Seeker and Roh-Kin
  • Christiana Ellis joins us for a Nina Kimberly Update!
  • Short discussion on the planned sequel, tentatively titled “The House that Time Forgot”
  • Question from Mae Breakall
  • Sneak Attacked by Chris Lesssssster
  • Tales of the Children – Short Story Anthology – More info will be posted soon!
  • The Caern Line – 704-315-5884
  • Mailing Lists/Fan Pages!
    • MaAH Facebook Group –
    • Facebook: Fans of P.G. Holyfield –
    • Google Group –

What do you mean, you haven’t written a review for MaAH on iTunes? Get to it! One more and I hit 100 reviews!

Music used in this episode: “Achaidh Cheide” – Kevin MacLeod

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