MaAH Special Edition: Behind the Scenes Interview – Alex White

What do you get in a nearly hour-long interview with writer, podcaster, graphic designer, artistic director, and rambler Alex White?

  • Discussions on cover art and creativity
  • The state of the publishing industry
  • What is The Gearheart?
  • not a fan of Blade Runner, other than the “style” of it?
  • Fonts and genres?
  • Glenfiddich
  • Oil rigs

Is that it? … Oh yeah… there was Tears for Fears.


Listen in on my interview with Alex White, creator of The Gearheart podcast novel, Art Director at Dragon Moon Press… and in his spare time he’ll be doing the cover of Murder at Avedon Hill.

This is the first in a series of interviews leading up to the print release of Murder at Avedon Hill I hope you will enjoy this behind the scenes look at the journey I’m taking to get MaAH into print.


Music: Grande Rue De Pera – Ruben van Rompaey, courtesy of

The Gearheart

Promo: The Gearheart

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