J.C. Hutchins – 7th Son: Descent

The President of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four year-old boy.

With those first two sentences, J.C. Hutchins announced his arrival to the world of podcast fiction. And on October 27, 2009, 7th Son: Descent hits bookstore shelves and on

Go here to read more about 7th Son: Descent.

This is the one I’ve been waiting for… I love Scott Sigler’s books, and J.C.’s first book with Jordan Weisman, Personal Effects: Dark Art was a lot of fun, but 7th Son redefined storytelling for me, and on a weekly basis it made me want to be a better writer.

And finally, if it wasn’t for J.C. I don’t think I would have podcast Murder at Avedon Hill. So learn about 7th Son if you haven’t given it a try. And if you enjoyed his podcast and want something to read while I’m editing Murder at Avedon Hill, BUY THIS BOOK.

And actually, if you haven’t listened to 7th Son: Descent, J.C. has started releasing the new version of the 7th Son: Descent podcast (based on the print version of the novel).

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  1. Thanks so much for the evangelism, sir!