Help a Friend in Need…

I have had a lot of trouble putting into words what I’ve been feeling this week. One of my best friends, both in podcasting and in life, lost his wife unexpectedly. I don’t have the capacity to write what I should at this point, but thankfully J.C. Hutchins has done just that, more eloquently than I ever could. If you have listened to Tee Morris on his podcasts, or even just as the voice of Father Jorrus in Murder at Avedon Hill, please head on over to J.C.’s site and read this post, and listen to the seven minute audio file. Do that for me.

Thank you to J.C., and to Philippa Ballantine for spearheading the effort around this.

Tee, thoughts and prayers go out on your behalf in this time of need. You are loved.

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One Response to “Help a Friend in Need…”

  1. It’s hard to think of anything to say, but it’s really cool to see the podcast community rise up and send their love and support to Tee.