“Oh Atlanta”

I went to Atlanta last week to deliver training to a group I support at my full-time job. It mainly was an excuse to visit Leann and Clair. Leann Mabry is the host of one of my favorite podcasts, Tag in the Seam. We had fun recording nothing in particular, working up a skit for one of her future episodes, and it gave me the opportunity to pick Clair’s brain a bit on using a mixer.

Leann is the voice of Gretta in my promo, and will be reading two parts (Gretta and one of the two vital female characters later in the book) in my podcast novel.

It was great to meet Leann and Clair (we were at the same parties and podcast sessions at Dragon*Con, but we never officially met) and it simply reinforced what I have been telling people ever since Dragon*Con… podcasters are simply the best group of people you will every hope to meet.

Some photos…

Leann contemplates the nature of an incandescent bulb Scary stories were told Leann is happy 

Clair High, sound engineer : ) My one serious moment in Atlanta Leann and I taking photos of Clair

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5 Responses to ““Oh Atlanta””

  1. Leann says:

    Ah good times! I not only look like I am wondering exactly how a lightbulb works, but perhaps I have become a fish and someone has lowered their fishing line.
    Ok, yea, I’m an idiot.
    But you are so my BFF.

  2. But you are so my BFF.

    I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel honored or emasculated. :)

  3. Note: Tag in the Seam just cracked the Top #100 at the Podcast Pickle!

  4. Leann says:

    Clearly BFF is an honor. Totally, I just have to make you a bracelet now.

    And totally dude, number 73 today! Holy doodlecocks!

  5. Anyone visiting that has not added Tag in the Seam as a Favorite at Podcast Pickle, please do! (or at least give her podcast a listen).