Sigler called; I answered…

A few months ago Scott Sigler asked if I would be interested in blogging as a character from Ancestor (Jian). It was to be a small part of his overall marketing plan leading up to the bullrush on on April 1st. I said “Of course-I’ve always dreamed of being an overweight crazy biatch.”

So for three months I blogged a couple times a week as Dr. Lui Jiandan, better known as Jian, the crazy but brilliant Chinese geneticist from Ancestor.

It didn’t turn out to be the easter egg for Scott’s fans that Scott hoped it would be (only a few found it), but it was a lot of fun for me, and a good exercise as well. Read the blog in reverse if you want to see Jian’s descent into madness leading up to the start of Ancestor.

Scott Sigler’s Ancestor Blog –

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2 Responses to “Sigler called; I answered…”

  1. Seth Harwood says:

    Hey PG,

    I wanted to let you know that Jack Palms II: This is Life starts on June 3rd. I’d email and talk to you about it, but I can’t find your address on your site.

    Drop me a line. My listeners recommended you as a good guy to contact.


  2. Thanks for pointing out that I don’t have my email on the site. Rule #1 of a good website was beyond me.

    Wow, people recommended me as a good guy. What do you know? :)