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MaAH: T-Minus 2 – Death, Taxes, and Scott Sigler

T-Minus 2 is a replay of the short story that was first played on Scott Sigler’s The Rookie Podcast.

Special Guest: J.C. Hutchins (for the hundreth time, thanks J.C. for reading Scott’s part in this story).

Yeah, I’m taking the easy way out this week. Next time (T-Minus 1) will be new fiction. Promise.

Apologies for the sound quality. I was going to redo my lines with the new equipment, but after the time I lost with Audition over the last two days, I was left with using the older version of the story.

Show Notes:

Music in this week’s podcast:

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Podcasting has lost a true friend

I’m late with this, but better late then never. On Sunday Joe Murphy passed away after only a four month battle against Leiomyosarcoma Carcinoma (LMS). For the very few that might be listening to this that do not know who I’m talking about: Joe Murphy was one of the hosts of Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas and appeared on many Farpoint Media shows, including Cover to Cover and Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It.

I wasn’t close to Joe Murphy, but I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Joe at Dragon*Con:

Joe at Dragon*Con panel

I first spotted Joe attending one of the podcast sessions at Dragon Con and I sat down near him and introduced myself when the session was over. I had written him an email about their podcast discussion of Dune, and and he remembered my email and we chatted for fifteen minutes about the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, how they came up with their topics, etc. The next session started and I moved up to the front of the room to listen in.

And then later that night at a party Joe came up to me and began our conversation anew. It was just how Joe Murphy was. If you were a listener, you were part of his extended family, immediately, no questions asked.

The audio included in this post is from Leann Mabry, speaking about the website that has been started in Joe’s honor. Please visit the site and learn more about Joe and the insidious disease known as LMS.

Thank you.

Sigler called; I answered…

A few months ago Scott Sigler asked if I would be interested in blogging as a character from Ancestor (Jian). It was to be a small part of his overall marketing plan leading up to the bullrush on on April 1st. I said “Of course-I’ve always dreamed of being an overweight crazy biatch.”

So for three months I blogged a couple times a week as Dr. Lui Jiandan, better known as Jian, the crazy but brilliant Chinese geneticist from Ancestor.

It didn’t turn out to be the easter egg for Scott’s fans that Scott hoped it would be (only a few found it), but it was a lot of fun for me, and a good exercise as well. Read the blog in reverse if you want to see Jian’s descent into madness leading up to the start of Ancestor.

Scott Sigler’s Ancestor Blog –

MaAH: T-Minus Zero – Interview with J.C. Hutchins

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing J.C. Hutchins, author of 7th Son.

We discussed podcasting, his recording set up, awesome news from the Hutchins command HQ, and I even got to speak to several of the clones.

Apologies in advance about the audio quality. Skype had major sound quality issues during the interview (pops and drops).

Episode 1 of the Murder at Avedon Hill podcast will be released Friday, June 8 — sweet.

Music in this week’s podcast:

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MaAH Artwork at The Fuzzy Slug

Natalie Metzger (soon making her first appearance as Brianna Ray) did a wonderful piece of artwork, capturing a scene from an upcoming episode. The image will appear in an future video promo, but here is a sneak peek:

The Undead Hunter Arrives

Natalie is an wonderful artist and writer. To see a larger version of “Vampire Hunting,” please visit her website:

The Fuzzy Slug: Murder at Avedon Hill – Vampire Hunting

Natalie was also a contributor to The Nanomonkeys podcast.

Thanks Natalie!!

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