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Oh, I’ve got a cover for you… right here…

Thanks to the great work of Alex White, art director at Dragon Moon Press, I’m honored to reveal the cover for the soon to be released (more on the book release date next week) DMP print version of Murder at Avedon Hill. If you recall, I interviewed Alex back at Dragon*Con in September, and he claimed that he loved working with authors that had definite ideas and feedback. Well, he put up with my questions, suggestions, cries, and pleas, and in the end I think he created an awesome, eye-catching cover: one that will get readers to look at the book for more than five seconds… and then… we’ve got you, got you, got you… oops, channeling Katherine Hepburn from The Lion in Winter again. I hate when that happens.

Well, hopefully you understand why I’m excited.

It feels more real every day. Thanks for coming by to see the cover, and get ready for the push… you’re going to be flooded with content over the next two months.

I’ll be interviewing Alex again as we approach the book’s release, to talk with him about the process we went through, and also about his own journey finishing up The Gearheart.

April Fool’s Day Cover…

Yesterday Alex White told me that they wanted to change the cover, even though Gwen over at Dragon Moon Press had already signed off on it. They did some market research and said they needed more action on the front cover… you know… to really SELL it.

Sometimes I don’t know about this whole publishing thing. I mean, I can make a wood chipper work, but nobody in Caern has light blue socks!?


We’ve got a DATE!

Murder at Avedon Hill will be released on May 15, 2010. It might actually be on Amazon a bit earlier that this, but the 15th is when I would like people to purchase the book, if they are doing it on This way we’ll make sure there isn’t any “out of stock” snafus as has happened in the past with Amazon’s database system.

If you have a podcast, a blog, or even just friends that you’d like to share info about Murder at Avedon Hill with, please send me an email (pgholyfield at murderatavedonhill dot com) or ping me on Twitter @pgholyfield. I’m setting up interviews and will send out promotional materials to anyone that might want them.

An audio update will be released in the next couple of days about this, and about a contest I’ll be doing for those purchasing the novel day 1.

This is actually happening! Woo Hoo! (wait, I’m supposed to be the reserved author… ).

Thanks for your continued support…. (yay!)

MaAH over at

Do you see a film in your head when you read or listen to audiobooks? I do. The guys over at have added Murder at Avedon Hill to their site, and I’d love to see who you think would be the best actors to play the various characters in the book.

Murder at Avedon Hill Casting Page at

The site is addicting (if you are a book/film buff), so WATCH out!

Book Launch Promos

Here are some links to the book launch promos I’ve created for next Saturday. If you can link to them in your blog, play them on your podcast, or send them out to people, I’d certainly appreciate it!

Shorter promo (1 min. 30 sec.) – plot info and amazon rush info –

Longer promo (2 min. 15 sec.) – longer plot info and amazon rush info –

Promo/Skit (3 minutes) – more of a funny skit than a book promo, written by Morgan Elektra. Christiana Ellis appears in the promo with me:

The shorter promo is attached here so it will drop in my feed.

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